Jul 14, 2008

Hushhhhh. The Secrets Tag

Ok this is my 1st tag ,thx to Diana ,who is a newly mom (two days ago), Um Kareem now CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSS when you come back and read this Lady D :D

so you're suppose to tell 6 things people wouldn't probably about you, make them embarrassing please . here are mine

1) I used to steal from the super market with my best friend when we were young ,for the heck of it,it wasn't expensive stuff or so, just the planning and execution rush was massive .Its stupid and good thing we never were caught or got caught into a criminal career :D.

2) Two years ago i decided its time for me to jump off into the pool from the highest level ,i stood there for 30 minutes with everyone waiting for me to jump,eventually almost everyone in the pool stopped and started cheering ,clapping,whistling to me so i could jump,the little boys made fun of me and started singing " 3allee 3allee batal fleet hayya ter ya grendizer" ,and i never jumped off,and for two years now i didn't go to the pool once bcuz if I'll go the 1st thing i have to do is get done with that jump ,and i don't wanna deal with it,yea I'm kinda stubborn with things that beats me.

3) When i watch a movie by myself, if the acting was so good in some scene ,or the direction or whatever, i would clap,laugh with it,tear with it,whatver the scene is,and rewinde it and watch again,another thing,i watch the title at the end,all of it,and i listen to the ending sound track and i read as much names of those ppl whose names appear at the end ,i feel bad for them, i mean they worked their butts off and no one gets to read their names :p always there for the underdogs :D.

4) sometimes i think I'm too good to be true that I'll die young ! LOL .I'm not snobby or anything i just appreciate myself ,at the same time,i never take myself seriously,never cling to the praise i get,but i take whatever that I'm doing too seriously sometimes.

5) I used to hack net2phone internet calling accounts off the internet and sell them for my class mates and friends for 1/10th the market price in Jordan,i made a fortune for a 10th grader ,until the company tracked all hacked accounts down and i was broke and in debt for people :D

6) I've worked as a clown for good 2 years :D and thats my pic up there in costume :DD

I tag Dandooneh, Liela, Super nova, Dima, Halah, Lunar , Adoosh , Pop rage , Sa7ar , and Wafa MAKE THEM WORTH IT . :p


SuperNova said...

now i know why i like u :o bcoz of #3 and #4
great minds think alike, i read all names at start and at end ba7es ma r7 afham el film if i didn't. just like how i'm convinced i wouldn't get what's in a book if i didn't read the acknowledgements and copy rights how crazy is that?
nice pic btw that's new info :)
and oh, this is my first tag :D

NasEr said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL i do read the akgno...etc,the big word,and the copy rights n stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeez :D I'm happy there is a freak like me out there !! they're interesting ain't they hehehe ! :D

Rawia said...

Clown .. lool I love clowns, I allways take clown clothes to all the hallween partys.. don't wanna see me there I tell you :P
nice picture :D

did you mean 10 km, in the swimming bath :0

I would never gusse those things about you:).. nice tag:D..

NasEr said...

thx ba3booshy :DDD
la show me ur clown pix ,I'm a clown expert, i do face painting and balloon modeling also :P the full package :D

Rawia said...

loool ..u no, I tell you will be scared , 5alyna s7biy balaha:P

p.s:kteer 7elo alnew look naser:O

NasEr said...

ya 3amme i won't be scared sho beddek inte :P
thx thx, ele since yesterday trying to customize it ,the date on the top right corner still not working ,but i like it anyway :) i have a blogroll now heeeha :D lol

Mystique said...

i like :D

NasEr said...

thx for stopping by Mystique :)

Rawia said...

ana nabhtak Naser :P

I tried to get too .. bas ma zba6 3la shakeel alsh3'lat alb2iy .. wa2tha ma7yhtooh :/

Sa7ar said...

weeen my tag :k:

NasEr said...

e3tebre 7alek Tagged Sa7ar :DDDDDDDD whoever you are .welcome :DDD

NasEr said...

okay, done SA7AR .

Wafa' said...

efffft , shaheetni arja3 3al blogsphere , i like your blog alooot :(

put my name back

khalas i'm out bedoon dareb ='(

NasEr said...

ok Wafa ,apology accepted :-o:

thx i like ur blog too :)

Hala said...

Did you NOT hear me when I said my name is HALA without an H? :@

I will do the tag later, I have nothing on my mind now!

NasEr said...

yea Hala i did,but HalaH comes natural with me sowwey :XD

poprage said...

No way you can tag me man

i designed a poster long time ago for this purpose :D


looooooooool on #3, you are sick man :p

NasEr said...

file not found ya ostaz .
w laish i can't tag u :(
7aram 3alaik shayefne ma3jood w awwal tag ben3amalle w batayyeg fee el nas :'(((((((

Diana said...

you are nuts :D

NasEr said...


I am... said...

whats to "hushhhhh" about.... i want new stuff dude...these r no secrets...to me atleast :o

except for # 2 :smiley nems: that has to do with the real reason behind u being stubborn about what beats u :D

NasEr said...

LOL Noor ay ya3ne men wain bedy ala2e ser m5abba 3annek and at the same time i can publish it 3alane ! :))

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