Oct 9, 2009

woh woh ! Am I naturally racist ?

My mom rarely talks about memories from when I was young or so , not your typical mom lets say but we're not getting into that , so the other day I got her talking and guess what I learned about baby-Naser ? turns out .. 1st time I walked on my feet I did it with the help of Mlukheyyeh branch in my hand ! LOL ,my mom was preparing some (the old way you know,takin the leafs out of the "sticks" ) and I grabbed one and used it for balance ! damn ...thats so racially funny I thought :D

On the other hand ,just for those who don't know me,I'm not really questioning If I'm naturally racist I know myself well ,I've cleansed myself of that ,u know what ,lets talk about it a little more cuz I find myself a good case study for racism in Jordan , so to make it short ,I had a bit of racism in me during school ,as a child ,how ? I have no idea really ,given that my parents never ever drove us into that direction,at all,as a matter of fact we had a lot of (I'll use the term "originally Jordanian here cuz I can't find a better term) a lot of originally Jordanian family friends,Christians and Muslims, who lived in Amman (the mixed bowel of Jordan) and in other cities and areas (Irbid,Karak,Fhais,...etc) , so having these people with the different dialect around was normal to me ! In family picnics with family friends we'd listen to the old man playing Rababa in Debbeen or whatever park we went to ,u get my point ? It wasn't like we felt or believed it was awkward or unusual or anything of that kind , another example , my father served in the army ,we loved to look at his pictures in the camp n stuff,he used to tell us about it,he also volunteered in the civil army and we used to go to the station with him as kids talkin to the other "cops" n all that ! so far so good no ?
At school I was a boy scout, I raised the flag every morning (I wouldn't let anyone else do it ) oh I should mention here I went to a government public school not an UN one cuz we're not refugees (refugees ; people who came to Jordan after their land was taken in 1948) ,I thought I should mention it cuz if you don't know,there's a big difference when it comes to nationality and citizenship concepts between local schools and UN ones, at the UN school there are Palestinian crafts,paintings ,stuff on the walls that says Palestine is our home and we should return ,etc... , at the local school its not that way ,its a Jordanian school with all what it brings with it of paintings,flags ,crafts,etc... . so you get the picture ,I was the boy scout proudly wearing the picture of King Hussien pin on his brown scout outfit who's in charge of raising the flag every morning who knows the Jordan army and civil army of Jordan as "our army" and "our police" who had "originally Jordanian" 3ammo w 5alto and friends n all that ,now where the heck did I get that feeling that I should hate Faisaly cuz its "the Jordanians" football club as a kid ?I really don't know (dad n mom weren't into football at all,neither was I btw !!) and I think its worth studying ! could it be the school ? "society"? whats society for a kid really ? other than his family and friends ? I really can't pin point what helped form those negative aggressive feelings as little as they were,but they were there ! its dishonest and stupid to deny they were ever there, now that I'm an adult who made up his mind and can look back at things and dissect it .
That idea of "Jordanians don't care about Palestinians ,and therefore Palestinians (And I) should hate Jordanians secretly ) carried on till Tawjihi ,when there was demonstration for Palestine (2nd Intifada events ) on one rainy Friday ,and only one of my classmates came that day (I won't name him ,I never told him this he'll be surprised to read this I'm sure) and he was raising Palestine's flag on a stick with the red Shmagh tied underneath it ,and I whispered to him as we marched "really ? shmagh ?? what's wrong with you !! why ?" and his face goes poker-y and says "I'm Jordanian !"  That,honestly ,was one of the biggest slaps my face ever knew ! I felt stupid,wronged,just miserable ,and from that point on ,I started paying attention to this matter (within myself) and worked on it and it continued through university years meeting all my wonderful friends and I boldly declare myself racism-free since long time,it just happened and its a process ,its not like there's a switch or something .

People who will hit on your nerve and try to drag you down to their level will always be there , you have a choice ,to rise above it,or to dwell into infinite loop of hatred and bitterness that's only destroying ,to yourself and to our society . I think we should talk about it more,I'd like it if there are studies on to why someone like me had a bit of racism in his head as a child ,given what i mentioned earlier ! It can't be 3ereg el Mlukheyyeh now ,can it ? :D


Prudence said...

naser naser naser..Where do I start?? First things first; it's not RACISM! This word does not apply since Palestinians and Jordanians are one race.

Let’s review our history shall we?? Jordan was never a country before the Israeli invasion of Palestine. A new country was formed to accommodate Israel's aggression and to receive the masses of people it drove out of Palestine. When Jordan was first declared a kingdom it was annexed with the West Bank. However, the Palestinians did not forget their homeland and a very strong feeling of identity began to emerge among them. And when the PLO was formed it punctuated and strengthened the Palestinian nationality. During The power struggle between the PLO and the Jordanian king it became clear where the Palestinians’ loyalties belonged. The king tried to buy the support of the Bedouins and the other east jordanians to face the Palestinian threat; he implemented The Jordanian nationality to counteract the Palestinian’s.

I am Palestinian..that is who I am and nothing can change it. But that does not mean that I should hate the jordanians. The time of war and hatred has indeed passed and it quite useless and fruitless to cling to old feelings of bitterness. Our sufferings and those responsible for it are never forgotten or forgiven but this should not impede our ability to live and function and succeed wherever we are, on the contrary it should enhance it because unlike others we have to earn what we get, snatch it from the lion’s mouth! What you see in Jordan is a manifestation of a struggle for rights and resources. East Jordanians who were favored by the late king STILL hold the belief that they're more entitled to Jordan's resources and key positions and we hold the belief that they are NOT! Throughout history this struggle has been the cause for wars and massacres and it will continue to be so in the future.

The only way to abolish the "hatred" is to abolish the discrimination against Palestinians and the favoring of Jordanians and to treat both equally and justly as Jordanian citizens.

Whisper said...

معلش بدي اكتب بالعربي علشان اشعبر براحتي :)

قبل كم يوم كنا بنحكي انا وصاحباتي بالموضوع

صاحبتي السلطيه بتشكي من بنتها انها كل يوم بتعمل طوشه بالمدرسه على موضوع فلسطيني و اردني و موضوع مسلم و مسيحي, مع ان مره خال البنت اللي بتموت فيها فلسطينيه
و صاحبتي الخليليه بتشكي من نفس الموضوع
و تبين بالاخر ان نفس المعلمات همه اللي بنقلو الموضوع للبنات

كانو بحضرو لاحتفال بالقدس عاصمه الثقافه و المعلمه العبّاديه بتحفظّهم انشوده للقدس , و مرقت عليهم معلمه تانيه اردنيه عصّبت وصارت تحكي شو الحكي الفاضي اللي بتعلميه للبنات
حفظيهم اغنيه اردنيه وطنيه احسن...

البيئه والناس اللي حوالينا بتعمل هيك

عفكره انا كنت من المرشدات و ما اخلي حد غيري يرفع العلم, و برضه كنت كل يوم اعمل طوشه على اردني و فلسطيني مع ان كل صاحباتي بالمدرسه واللي لهلا علاقتنا ممتازه اردنيات :)
ايام غريبه...

الحمد لله اللي شافانا ...والله يشفيهم :)

hamede said...

Jordan was never a country before the Israeli invasion of Palestine.
how is that.

asoom said...

Well like what kinds of racist or stereotypical views did you hold against jordanians?

Let's see, I'm totally pure villager Jordanian on one side, and I'm totally pure palestinian (non-jordanian citizen) on another side. In a lot of settings people just kind of assume I'm either totally jordanian or totally palestinian and I've definitely heard my share of racist statements that the agressor would have never said had they known that one of my parents was a jordanian or palestinian.

Honestly though I've heard more anti-jordanian comments from palestinians than I've heard anti-palestinian comments from jordanians. If it's something really bad I'll speak up and then the person gets all embarassed and tries to take it back or says "oh I'm sorry had no clue you were....no that's not what I meant to say bla bla bla"

NasEr said...

Prudence okay..what would you like it to be called ?that thing I'm talkin about .
Interesting view on King Hussien VS PLO,I'm gonna focus on the last two segments though,when you say discrimination against Palestinians and favoring Jordanians ,well...whatever you believe the reason behind creating Jordan was,they're who they are; Jordanians,and Palestinians are ought to hold on to their right to go back home right ? unless you're suggesting that Jordan accepts all Palestinians who lived,and was born and raised in Jordan as "equally Jordanians" (this is a tricky term cuz the constitution says we're all equal under the law) unless u're suggesting that they should be treated and considered as Jordanians I can't see another way for this "discrimination" to be abolished .which can't happen,cuz neither Jordanians or Palestinians would want that (most probably).
I have been in situations where I've been discriminated against here of course,but then what got that Jordanian Police officer to treat me like crap once he knew where I originally come from ? its a loop ! I think the solution is in each one's hand,I mean saying this or that should stop as if there was some massive force that can enforce that doesn't work I believe ,you either live bitter and hateful or you turn the page .

Whisper بعتقدش ، أو بالأحرى ما مر علي كثير معلمين و معلمات متعنصرين ، أكيد كان في ، سواء بكره "الأردنية" أو "الفلسطينية" بس مش النسبة الأكبر.
على سيرة الكشافة ، لما لعبونا لعبة "رتب اللوحات" ، كانت أول مرة بسمع بهذا الشعار اللي كان قدامي ، فرتبتو بالمنطق الطفولي تبعي على أيامها على الشكل التالي : الملك ، الله ، الوطن !!

hamede بس هيك ؟ ادلو بدلوك يا رجل :)
يمكن قصدها انتهاء الإنتداب البريطاني في ال48 ،

assoom nothing in particular,and this is my point , it wasn't there because of reasons 1,2 and 3 ! it was there ,the more i think of it,I think it was the school .
I get a lot of that "oh I didn't know you were.." cuz my last time is common with a big Jordanian family ! which only made it worse with encounters with people who didn't like the idea of me being from there !

asoom said...

it's asoom, not assoom!

NasEr said...

asoom is with one s not two
asoom is with one s not two
asoom is with one s not two
asoom is with one s not two
asoom is with one s not tow

mnee7 ? :D

Prudence said...

I am referring to the jordanians of palestinian origin obviously.

I am both a Palestinian and a Jordanian. Palestinian by blood and origin and Jordanian by birth and official nationality.

I have much to say but I do not have time now..be back later. Oh and my "views" on King Husein are not mine; they are historical facts you might wanna look them up.

hamede said...

موضوع العنصرية في الاردن ،شائك قبل عام ١٩٦٧ لم يكن هناك شيء أسمه فلسطيني أردني جاءت هزيمة ٦٧ فتح الاردنيون بيوتهم مدارسهم و قلوبهوم،و حمل غالبية الاردنيون السلاح إلى جانب الثورة كانت قوة الشارع لا توصف ،و ألم الهزيمة يوجع.
لكن عندما كبر رؤوس بعظ قيادات منظمات بدأت تطرح شعار إسقاط النضام انحرفت عن مسار الثورة طبعاً وجد أعداء الثورة في ذلك الحل لي القضاء عليها ،فتم تعبئة الاردنيون بأن الفلسطينيين سيأخذو البلد ،و تم تعبئة الفلسطينيون بأن النظام المدعوم عشائرياً سيقذي عليهم .
من هنا جاءت العنصرية ،على فكرة تشكلت أول حكومة في الاردن عام ١٩٢٣

hamede said...

مابعد ذلك هذول الشعبان لا يمكن فصلهم عن بعض أنا مؤمن بأن مصيرهم واحد فما العمل نظل نلت و نعجن في الموضوع أو نجد الحلول و المنطلق الجاد لإنهائها في بيتي المضوع محلول زوجتي فلسطينية أنا أردني بناتي فلسطينيات اردنيات هيك بيجاوبو لما حدا بيسأل

secratea said...

secratea: Racism is a social construct, so you couldn't have been natuarally that way, ya 3unsuriii entaa! :P
Anyway, I don't wanna address the roots from which discrimination between Jors and Pals sprouted in Jordan since i think a synthesis of what Prudence and Hamdede said is enough. However, racism is both ways; i've been asked several times at job interviews in Amman where i'm originally from in Palestine. I've always wondered till now why people assume i'm originally Palestinian. Maybe it's the Handala keylock i've had for several years and am proud of carrying.. hmmm Or maybe the "Kiss me, I'm Palestinan" mug I carry around at school here in the States (Noooo, i'd never carry that mug around in Jordan! Not cuz of the Originality confusion i might cause, but because of the unwanted kisses lol )
Anyway, i have two pal jor brothers in law and several cousins who are married to Pal Jors... I just feel it was never an issue for my family.

NasEr said...

I chose my words for a reason :D I'll keep it at that,and will be waiting for ur come back when u have time :)

أتفق معاك إنو الكركبة صارت بالسبعينيات ، لكن تبعاتها ما زالت لليوم موجودة ، بعرفش كم يلزم لتجاوزها كليا ،لكن لو أصبحت الفكرة التي لديك و التي زرعتها في رؤوس بناتك هي السائدة أعتقد أننا في الإتجاه الصحيح.

oh really ! that's so racist,favoring American kisses over ours that is :D .
well,your sisters are lucky and so your BILs for its no big deal in your family ,good for u all.

Prudence said...

What's next Naser?? Are you going to quote 7attar?? The two of you seem very in sync regarding the "right of return" issue.

To answer your questions..I refer you to King Hussein's speech on the diengagement of the West Bank from the East in 1988. In his own words "At the same time, it has to be understood in all clarity, and without any ambiguity or equivocation, that our measures regarding the West Bank concern only the occupied Palestinian land and its people. They naturally do not relate in any way to the Jordanian citizens of Palestinian origin in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. They all have the full rights of citizenship and all its obligations, the same as any other citizen irrespective of his origin. They are an integral part of the Jordanian state to which they belong, on whose soil they live, and in whose life and various activities they participate."

So YES I am jordanian and I am entitled to my rights as a Jordanian REGARDLESS of my Palestinian origin. You think that the police officer who treated you badly was discrimiating against you and I think that the government which does not allow for Palestinian police officer is the one committing the discrimination. What I'm talking about surpasses simple cultural difference which might sometimes lead to resentment or lack of harmony..I'm talking about an organized discrimination on much higher and more sophisticated levels.

Anyways..you put the matter in a naive way..you cannot get any where that way. IT's not that you hate me and i hate you..there are reasons and underlying struggle and unless you're willing to see you shall remain blind.

I am very disappointed with your " oh excuse me for having a Palestinian origin" attitude and even more so with your continous relentless fruitless attempts to prove your "love" for Jordan and your "Jordanianism". It NEVER works btw.

Prudence said...


“Jordan, as an independent political entity, was the product of events which followed World Wars I and II. Not until after the later did the country acquire its present boundaries, population. And full independence. For four hundred years before that. The present territory of Jordan was a tenuously held and lightly administered province of the Ottoman Empire. Still earlier it had been a vaguely defined southern district of Syria under a succession of rulers, Greek, Roman, and Arab. With no natural boundaries to set is off from the territory around it, Jordan never stood alone, nor did it occur to its few townsmen, isolated villager, and scattered nomad to think of themselves as “Jordanians”.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was constituted in 1949 with the annexation (formalized in 1950) by the kingdom of Transjordan of a portion of Arab Palestine west of the Jordan River. The country is not only new; it is in a sense an accidental creation, stemming more out of a confluence of external forces and events than from any historical sense of nationhood.”

JORDAN by George L. Harris

NasEr said...

Prudence you lost me on your last remark,so instead of the reply I've been writing paragraph per paragraph I'd just say this ,
تزاوديش على فلسطينيتي ، و تزاوديش على حبي للأردن
cuz it never works with me.
And i REALLY don't give a FUCK what anyone thinks of me regarding that .I'm more Palestinian and more Jordanian than you'd think,and i don't care to prove it to you or to any "Jordanian" of that matter . I have Palestine's flag in my room and I know our anthem by heart,and I worship every bit of AIR in Jordan and Hattar would be the last person on Earth for me to be in synch with,I don't even consider him the leftist he claims to be . end of transmission .

zuzikabdo said...

dude you have very cool blog seriously .. and u realy know how to wright..
mm.. what did u study at colleg if u dont mind awnsering ..?

Prudence said...

Hey there's no need to be rude. I just gave you an unbiased perspective and I'm sorry you didn't like it.

Anyways..I don't think I wanna read you anymore. Good luck with your palestinianism and jordanianism.

End of transmission :yawn:

Rula A. said...

What a great way to start walking Naser Lo0o0oL masha2alla min tufooltak mawhoob :) btimshi b 3irg mlookhiye :)

It is a very nice topic to blog about.. O 3ala oset il fisali.. I was born and raised in KSA and their local team used to wear blue athletic out-fit..So when we first came to Jordan naturally started to cheer for Faisaly -you know 'cause they wear blue- THOUGH I don’t like football w musta7eel atfaraj3aleeha w thank God ino mafi 7ad bil beet bi7ib this game :)

NasEr said...

thanks, I studied Actuarial Science ! lots of math and more math ! i don't think it has anything to do with this !

Prudence yea okay.just so ppl don't think u're bitter or something u may wanna clean all the comments u left where I'm brilliant and frank and all that from other posts !

Rula LOL,thx

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