Oct 23, 2007

The World According To Garp experience.

its funny, or awkward , what a product of other man's imagination or creativity could project on your own experience in life -so far-.or the funny or the awkward, is your aptitude to embrace someone else's own-experience when you decide to.
I have lived in The World According To Garp since the minute I got into the plane from Amman to Thailand. Two months now, i laughed most of the time and embarrassed myself often laughing around people with my head nodded down to the book,or even drifting in my own day-dreams trying to picture the situation and sometimes build on it and have me and/or whoever my imagination want in that line or paragraph.for 500 pages i laughed,and enjoyed the World According To Garp,for another 50 i was tensed and strained sometimes,for the last 50 i cried generously,and the last line made me shiver.Not only because of my usual bonding with the fictional characters i see in a movie or in a book.but because it ironically gave a made-up possible illustration of a moment i thought about a lot recently regarding my father's last few moments in life before -as the book call it- he finally met The Under Toad -death-.It was kind of a relief that someone shared what i exactly hoped -more than imagined- about that moment, i cried in loving memory of my father,and i cried with the character who died,and i cried for anyone's death,and for his loving still-alive ones,i laughed for 550 pages and all whats in my mind now is the last few sad moments!its funny -or indeed sad- that we tend to cling to our darkest memories instead of embracing the happy ones. I'm just so overwhelmed at the moment that I can't decode my feelings toward the book,and that doesn't usually happen to me and it puzzles me.How the human being -sometimes- could expose himself vulnerable to something ,this way,knowing whats going to happen, willingly!