Feb 23, 2009

Oscars recap : the weird moments,the lame jokes,and a twist of politics?

Hugh Jackman wins the 1st Oscar for the opening number and then it was a nose dive for him, I didn't expect much from him anyway,but he wasn't as bad as i thought he'd be . The only joke i can remember of his very few jokes is the one about not having a joke to tell about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Still no one entertained me better than Chris Rock ,Jon Stewart was close but Chris Rock rox .

Heath Ledger : Won the Oscar for best supporting actor ,his mom ,dad and daughter spoke . But two things grabbed my attention about him, 1st one that the announcer read "and the Oscar goes to Heath Ledger" as if he knew and was disappointed ! that's how it sounded to me ,and then in Queen Latifa's tribute song to the deceased he wasn't mentioned !!! or i didn't see it ?

Penelope Cruz : won the supporting actress Oscar for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona but one wouldn't imagine that being touched and emotional would come out this way from such an amazing actress !! she should've acted touched and emotional ,it was just weird !! oh and she wants us all "to protect art" ! who is stealing art from the world ??

Milk : Won the original screenplay Oscar and Sean Penn won the best actor in a leading role
the writer was about to break in tears both times ,he sent a message to "all the gay and lesbian kids out there" telling them they're beautiful .

Rober Deniro's
introduction on Sean Penn was hilarious " how did he do it ? how did he play all those roles of straight men before" .

Wall-E : Won Best animated feature film , in the "movie book" they made on animation movies it was all Wall-E,it was brilliant i loved that movie so much ,was good to see wall-e back .

Kate Winslet : didn't forget Angelina's name this time (she did at the Golden Globe awards), she tapped her shoulder and didn't mention any of her fellow nominees at all .

Zac Efron : needs to learn when to stop clapping !

The lame jokes awards

Goes to : Kunio Kato ,he won the short animated movie category and gave the best speech ever " Oh its heavy!" aren't people bored with this lame lame old old joke alreay ?!?! they have all the time to think of what they're gonna say,and these are creative people for hell's sake !

Lame joke award ,second place goes to the cinematographer of Slum Dog Millionir : "Kids go to sleep" !!!

Another thing to notice this year is the absence of the big Oscar statues ,they're gone ,and presenters presenting 2,3 or in Will Smith's case 12,000 Oscars on a raw .

Slumdog Millionaire beat Benjamin Button's Butt,it won picture of the year (that means the best movie) ,Best adapted screenplay (that means the story,the script,the dialog,which was adapted from an original book or play script),sound mixing ,film editing ,and original score (that means song) ,while The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button won the art of direction (that means the decor ,the sets,the buildings etc...),of course the make up,and visual effects .

NOW the important thing, what pissed me off :

If in the movie Waltz With Bashir (which lost for a Japanese film) ,the movie called what happened in Sabra and Shatella a MASSACRE,why did the academy take the liberty to describe it as " a soldier looks back at his role in a controversial military action"?!?!??!?!?! i have one thing to say about this ,what the fuck !?

Here is a full list of the winners :

Best supporting actress: Penelope Cruz - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best original screenplay: Milk
Best adapted screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire
Best animated feature film: Wall-E
Best animated short film: La Maison en Petits Cubes
Art direction: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Costume design: The Duchess
Make-up: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire
Best live action short film: Spielzeugland (Toyland)
Best supporting actor: Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
Best documentary feature: Man on Wire
Best documentary short subject: Smile Pinki
Visual effects: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Sound editing: The Dark Knight
Sound mixing: Slumdog Millionaire
Film editing: Slumdog Millionaire
Best original score: Slumdog Millionaire
Best original song: Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire
Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire

Feb 21, 2009

Things I Thought I'd Never Do

Movie Moments : Things I Thought I'd Never Do

Some of the things I find myself doing in Bangkok never occurred to me ,I sometimes snap of whatever I'm doing and look around and make sure its real lol, i call them "movie noments",things when you do feels like in a movie , such as :

* Reading a book on a train
Simply because there are no trains in Jordan (well except for for one i think? that's been there forever?) ,and because you don't read a book unless you have to ! now this one is so unreal because the train is full of Asians ! Who by the way look as if they just got out of a comic book,which by the way they'd be probably reading too !they dig comics these ppl !

* Using a map to wander around
Amman is one long main street,with 8 circles along the way,and then you go "right,left,the next left no skip it,the next one yea take it,right,straight ahead, opposite to the little *Dokkaneh,you should see a balcony with some pottery on it,yea we're in the above floor " .Bangkok isn't that cozy ,if you don't have a map you'll be probably lost, so holding a map arms wide opened figuring out where is "North" and where am i and where I'm going is fun to watch .I'm not sure we have a map of Amman anyway ! (related : check this Jabal Amman map i made).
[*Dokkaneh is a mini-market,or actually a bit smaller)

* Taking off my shoes before going into an OFFICE !
Yup ! they do that here ,not all offices though, but if you're going to your lawyer's office or any kind of office that's not really public expect to take of your shoes before going in !! Of course houses and homes too.

* Having rice for breakfast !
So one day,when Naser was still new to Bangkok,after 10 days or so,he wanted to have eggs for breakfast ! so to make it as close to what it would be at home as possible,he woke up at 6:30 AM, made a big cup of tea (they don't serve tea at the restaurants..i know!!!) and went downstairs to the supermarket,got a pack of toast bread (its still bread heh!) and went to the nearby restaurant with his cup of tea and bread ,took out his "Thai For Travelers" dictionary and found "Omelet" and pointed at it to the waitress . he was craving it so much he started to drool and day dream about how it'd taste with Taboon bread ,only to be woken up by the waitress bringing him what he ordered....or did she ?
Plain eggs or Omelet here means : rice,with eggs ,if you're lucky,the eggs won't be scrambled with the rice and will be in one piece topping the rice ,if you're unlucky like me,and the people at the restaurant nearby aren't that good with English,you're gonna have rice with scrambled eggs scrambled all together for breakfast .
PS : i now have rice with anything for breakfast ,its in your head only ,its no big deal :D

* Riding the bicycle as a main transportation mean !
Imagine that a guy or a grown man or even better a woman ,is riding a bicycle to go to the mall or her work place ...in Jordan ! I don't know why is it so laughable,actually after trying it,its pretty neat, good exercise,you don't get stuck in traffic ... but i think there is a good reason why it shouldn't be implemented in Jordan,see drivers here DO actually give a way for a bicycle on an intersection ! they don't try to push away or run you over ,if you're taking the far right side of the road no bus,car or motorcycle even would come near you ,and if the road is too narrow,they'd let you have the whole space for yourself and they'd drive after you ! CRAZY huh ?

* Feeding a Dog !
Dogs scare the hell out of me ! they freak me out period . But if you're gonna live in Bangkok you better get used to them ,they all over the place,dogs in Bangkok are like cats in Amman ! and they're nice and quiet most of the time , and these days I'm living in a building where we have a big black dog , which to my surprise (after watching a lot of "The Dog Whisperer") now listens to me and don't bark when he see me coming :D in return,I started to give him his food ,and i actually do pet him, and this i would have sworn to you before that i'll never ever do !
here is a picture of him ,his name is Ku Lo.

SO whats your movie moments ? I want to tag some people ! I'm thinking Momma Bean , Kinzi will have lots of funny movie moments since they're kinda new to Jordan :D so you're tagged . Andddd... Hareega ,I'm sure a lot goes on in the ER ,Diana the new mom , Mab3oos because his default state of mind is Angry,Iman for the same reason as well,and Rawia ! Tag yourself if you wish,and make it funny !

Feb 20, 2009

اكتشاف علاج نهائي للسرطان بدون التدخل الجراحي او الكيميائي بإذن الله - عقار الرحمة

إضافة (2009-9-2): نظرا لعدد الزيارات لهذه التدوينة عن طريق موقع google من أناس يبحثون عن صحة هذا الخبر  ، ارتأيت أن أضيف نتيجة بحثي في الموضوع في بدايته و في اللغة العربية ، و لمن شاء تتبع ما وصلت إليه يستطيع قراءة الموضوع كاملا : 
الخـــبر موجود على الإنترنت منذ عام 2004 !!! و الرجل محور الإدعاء هناك خبر عن اعتقاله ـ على أية حال ، أعتقل أم لا المهم أن هذا الخبر غير صحيح و هو نصب و احتيال ، و أرجو عدم تمرير ذلك الإيميل لأي شخص لكي لا يتعلق مريض ما بحبل الوهم . بل أرجو الرد على مرسل هذا الإيميل بهذا البحث الذي أجريته لعلمي بحالة مريض السرطان و أهله و كيف يتعلقون بقشة في أمل الشفاء بأسرع و أنجع وسيلة ممكنة 

If you ask me a general question "what do you hate ?" probably the 1st thing that will come to mind as something i absolutely hate would be 4WD E-mails , why ? Because they're full of shit. I'm not talking about the "i love you my friend" or "great quotes" kind of 4wd emails, I'm talking about the ones which take you for a fool , the ones that tells you what to do because they know better and because they're written eloquently . The fact that there is so much bull shit circling around makes me angry, that people actually believe this non sense without sweating to check the facts drives me nuts .so I've been checking those disastrous emails and i have a HUGE pile of lies i'll be posting them under : 4wd email lies exposed .

1st and most irritating of all is this one,for it gives hope for people who'd cling to any kind of hope they can reach,cancer patients,and if you have a friend who has cancer,or lost a friend or family member to cancer you'll understand what i mean better :

This is the well written email :

اكتشاف علاج نهائي للسرطان بدون التدخل الجراحي او الكيميائي باذن الله

أخيرا عقار 'الرحمة' لعلاج السرطان في مصر برعاية سعودية

يبدو ان 'السرطان' سوف يتحول في الغد القريب بفضل الله الي مجرد مرض عادي يشبه نزلة البرد تتم معالجته بجرعات دواء متوافرة رخيصة الثمن كانت 'الاسبوع' قد نشرت قصة الدكتور محمد النجار استاذ الطب الشرعي بجامعة الاسكندرية الذي توصل الي اختراع علاج لمرض السرطان بكل انواعه، وقام بتسجيل براءة اختراعه باكاديمية البحث العلمي في مصر وظل في محاولات مضنية لاقناع وزارة الصحة المصرية بتبني هذا الاختراع الذي يمكنه ان يمحو آلام البشر خاصة بعد أن استفحل المرض في العصر الحديث وبعد ان ثبتت الاثار الجانبية الحادة للعلاج الاشعاعي والكيماوي للمرضي وعدم فاعليته في الشفاء بنسبة 100 % .. حاول د. النجار اقناع المسئولين الذين تشبثوا بالروتين وطلبوا عرض الموضوع علي الازهر!!! وتساءل د. النجار عن علاقة الازهر بالدواء، وظلت المحاولات والمهاترات العلمية مما دفع المختر ع للتفكير في الهجرة لامريكا وبا ! لفعل انهالت عليه عروض شركات الدواء الامريكية لشراء العقار الذي كان يطلق عليه 'رودكس' ووقف سعر العقار حائلا دون اتمام الصفقة حيث اشترط د. النجار الا يزيد ثمن حقنة الدواء علي (300 جنيه) الامر الذي بات مستحيلا من وجهة نظر الامريكان لان البيزنس لا مكان فيه 'للعواطف المصرية ...

وانهالت العروض الاوربية لشراء العقار ومنها اليونان التي تحمس رئيس وزرائها بنفسه للتعاقد مع المخترع المصري حتي ظهر في الافق عرض سعودي تحمس له الدكتور النجار لأن صاحب العرض كان سمو الامير فهد بن عبد الله بن محمد آل سعود الذي قام بالاتفاق شخصيا مع الدكتور النجار الذي اكد ل'الاسبوع' انه في خلال ايام قليلة سوف يتم التعاقد مع الامير السعودي الذي تبني العقار وسوف يطلق عليه اسم 'عقار الرحمة' بعد ان اثبت فعاليته في علاج حوالي '300 حالة مرضية' في معظم انواع السرطان 'الغدد الليمفاوية والرئة والقولون والبنكرياس' وسوف يتم منح الجنسية السعودية للمخترع المصري ليتمكن بعدها من انشاء '5 مراكز' لعلاج السرطان في القاهرة والاسكندرية وطنطا ودمنهور والاشراف عليها مع فريق علي اعلي مستوي من اطباء واساتذة الاورام المصريين علي ان يطلق عليها 'مراكز لعلاج السرطان الس ريع في خلال شهر' وذلك بواسطة عقار الرح! مة الذي لن يباع في الصيدليات وانما يتم العلاج به فقط داخل المراكز ولايتعدي ثمن الحقنة الواحدة (300 جنيه) وتكفي حقنتان من العقار لعلاج سرطان الدم 'اللوكيميا' إلي جانب مستحضرات طبية أخري من العقار لعلاج أنواع السرطان المختلفة وسوف يجري تصنيع العقار في اكبر مصنع أدوية بمدينة الرياض بالسعودية مع وجود فرع آخر بالإمارات وتم بالفعل اختيار اول موقع بالإسكندرية بجوار الحديقة الدولية ويجري البحث عن المواقع الاخري ليتم العمل علي قدم وساق لنتمكن من محو آلام المرضي في مصر والوطن العربي

فقط لأمانة التبليغ والله أعلم
وهذا رقم التليفون المحمول الخاص بالطبيب مكتشف العلاج الدكتور محمد النجار 0020105080657
بالله عليكم لا تدعوا الرساله تقف عندكم فتأكدوا أن هناك من ينتظرها وفي حاجة ماسة لها
ملاحظة هذا الطبيب مصري ومقيم في مصر
ونسأل الله الشفاء للجميع

After a little bit of googling and digging,i found this sam
Align Centere text ALL OVER THE PLACE ,and the oldest on one forum is dated 23-12-2004 !! since 2004!! thats whole 5 years!!!

Back to research : Dated
Two years later ,i found this :

إلى أخواني الكرام السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته....

بعد قرائتي لهذا الموضوع قمت برقم الدكتور محمد النجار المذكور بالعنوان ...

وأخذت العنوان وسافر أخي إلى الدكتور محمد النجار...بمصر ...وذهب لعيادته..اذا بعياده مهترئه...ولم يجده...

وبعد السؤال عن الدكتور..في منطقتة وسؤال الدكاترة اللي بنفس منطقته تبين أن الدكتور ليس بدكتور وأنما صيدلي... وأنه لم يجرب علاجه على البشر وانما فقط على الحيوانات وهي مجرد تجارب...

* على الفكرة الرقم اللي بالمنتدى رقم الموظف اللي بالعيادة وليس نفس الدكتور

And dated
two weeks later,on that same place,i found these two piece of news of arresting the so-called Dr. , from two different newspapers

روَّج لمزاعمه بالجوال وافتتح عيادته بأحد الفنادق
القبض على زائر يعالج أمراض السرطان بمحسنات النكهة

الرياض: محمد العواجي
ألقت الجهات المعنية القبض على مقيم عربي يمارس الطب بدون ترخيص بعد أن ادعى قدرته على علاج كافة أنواع السرطان بدون علاج كيماوي وكان يروج لنفسه عن طريق رسائل الجوال و مواقع بشبكة الإنترنت ويستقبل مرضاه في أحد الفنادق بالرياض مقابل مبالغ مالية.
وقال مصدر في وزارة الصحة إن الوزير وجه، وبالتنسيق مع إمارة منطقة الرياض، بإيقاف أحد الوافدين (م.النجار) الذي يزور البلاد حالياً بتأشيرة زيارة بعد ادعائه قدرته على علاج الأمراض السرطانية حيث يقوم بالكشف على المرضى وإعطائهم محلولاً للاستنشاق كعلاج مستغلاً وضعهم الصحي وحاجتهم للعلاج في استنزاف أموالهم بدون وجه حق وبدون أي فائدة علاجية.
وجاء في بيان للوزارة أنها قامت بتحليل عينات من المحلول الذي يقوم المذكور ببيعه واتضح خلوه من أي مادة تساعد على علاج أمراض السرطان بل هو عبارة عن مواد طبيعية تستخدم كمحسنات للنكهة والطعم ومعطرة إلى جانب احتوائها على مواد تسبب التهيج والحساسية للأنف والرئتين إذا تم استنشاقها إضافة إلى احتوائها على سكر الجلوكوز وكحول إيثيلي.
وطالبت الوزارة الجميع باتخاذ الحيطة والحذر من التعامل مع مدعي الطب والانسياق خلف الادعاءات المضللة والإعلانات غير المرخصة من قبل الوزارة.


أوقع بضحاياه عن طريق الإنترنت والجوال
الصحة تكشف زيف مدعي علاج السرطان

* الرياض - أحمد القرني:
أطاحت وزارة الصحة بتوجيه ومتابعة مباشرة من معالي وزير الصحة د. حمد المانع وتنسيق تام مع إمارة منطقة الرياض بأحد الوافدين الذي يزور المملكة حالياً بتأشيرة زيارة والذي يقوم وعبر مواقع الانترنت ورسائل الجوال ومن خلال إقامته بأحد الفنادق بمدينة الرياض بالإعلان عن قدرته على علاج الأمراض السرطانية والقضاء عليه تماماً حيث يقوم بالكشف على المرضى وإعطائهم محلول للاستنشاق كعلاج موهماً إياهم بقدرته على شفائهم مستغلاً وضعهم الصحي وحاجتهم للعلاج وفي استنزاف أموالهم بدون وجه حق وبدون أي فائدة علاجية.
وقد كشفت الوزارة بأنها قامت بتحليل عينات من المحلول الذي يقوم ببيعه على المرضى واتضح خلو تلك العينات من أي مادة تساعد على علاج أمراض السرطان بل إنها تحتوي على مواد طبيعية تستخدم كمحسن للنكهة والطعم ومعطرة كما أنها تحتوي على مواد تسبب التهيج والحساسية للأنف والرئتين إذا تم استنشاقها إضافة إلى احتوائها على سكر الجلوكوز وكحول ايثيلي.
ومما سبق ذكره تود الوزارة التأكيد أن هذه العينات لا تحتوي على أي مواد تفيد علاج أمراض السرطان بل إنها تحتوي على مواد تضر المستخدم عند استنشاقها وتزيد حالته سوءاً ما يستدعي التدخل الطبي السريع. وأهابت الوزارة بعموم المواطنين والمقيمين باتخاذ الحيطة والحذر من التعامل مع مدعي الطب وتؤكد أنها ستتعامل بكل حزم مع كل من تسول له نفسه التلاعب والعبث بصحة المواطنين والمقيمين.

المصدر: جريدة الجزيرة

The link from "alwatan" newspaper doesn't work, i went to their website and ran a search and i found nothing,i went to Aljazeera Newspaper's website too and ran a search and found nothing as well.

SO ; arrested or not,this email is NOT TRUE, and if you receive it please "reply to all" telling them so .if you wish to 4wd this post feel free to do so.

Feb 14, 2009

Telephone operator saved my Valentines day!

Cuz I'm so hip n so cool n so in n so u know,happy person ,i called my phone company tonight at 9:30 PM to check on some subscription thingy i have,and just before i hung up with the sweet lady,she tells me : Happy Valentines day! i was laying down in bed feeling dizzy,but when i heard those words i just sat straight : Oh!Valentine's ,right, happy Valentine's to you too ! i said,she laughed and hung up !
I texted sister n family,I can't remember the last time i had "someone" to Valentine (v.) with ,everyday is a Valentine's day for me with my family and friends,i love them absolutely and so they do .
And to you dear blog wayfarers happy Valentine's day too,go call your mom or something .

Feb 11, 2009

Arabic Breakfast : how to make yogurt from milk and turn it into Labaneh

Labaneh is one of the most delicious Arabic light-breakfast dishes , its basically yogurt minus the water in it ! its creamy,a bit salty,a bit sour just the right amount ,and its eaten usually in the morning ,with pita bread (or toast) ,slices of tomato and cucumber ,and of course the cherry on the top of cake : olive oil.

To make Labaneh (for one person) ,you're gonna need one liter of whole (full fat) milk (to turn the milk into yogurt 1st) and two or 3 table spoons of yogurt . here is how its done :
Boil the milk in a pot on the stove and keep stirring at all times,or else the fat will be burned and stick on the bottom of the pot you're using,add third cup of water to it, after it boiled ,turn off the stove and leave it to cool off a bit,just until its warm (not cold) take some of the milk in a small bowel, add to it the two or 3 spoons of yogurt, mix it together well ,and then add the mixture to the rest of the milk in the pot and mix it well . cover the pot,and then wrap the whole thing in a blanket or couple of towels,leave it outside (in room temperature) for 6-7 hours ,and DON'T open it before 6 hours has passed (at least).when its time ,you open the pot and you have yogurt . taraaaaa.

Now you get a piece of cotton cloth ,a pillow case would be fine,or like in my case when i didn't find a cotton white (white so the colors won't dissolve) pillow case,i got a white t-shirt and tied the sleeves ..be creative !so add the yogurt in the pillow case,and make sure you have a bowl underneath to collect the drained water .tie it up,and hang it with a string or something,you can do this outside,inside,or even in the fridge , for one liter it should take like 10 hours and you have all the water out and your Labaneh is ready, if you're making more than that,then leave it for 24 hrs or something, you can keep checking on it .

take it out,add some salt,some thyme if you wish,and indulge ! here is a pic of what came out with me (1st time!)

Labaneh served with tomato, cucumber and olive oil<br />

Feb 9, 2009

Olives don't grow on trees ,people !

One of my favorite things about being abroad is meeting new people from different places and getting to know them and where they come from and their culture and such,also introducing them to my home (Jordan,and Palestine) ,which proved to be a constant correction of wrong ideas and stereotypes ,but its not always serious and political , like what happened the other day when we were having dinner at a friend's place .

we were talking about food ,so my Italian friend asks me about what we'd have for breakfast,and I said Labaneh, Hummus ,and she says oh Israeli food ,and then you have to tell the story and fuck everyone's brain with politics again lol! but thats not where olives came under the spot light,after i explained what is Labaneh and how its done,i told them that it goes perfectly well with olives,olive oil and a cup of tea ,so this Finnish friend of our's jumps off the ground : "Olives?!you have olives in your country ?i love Olives !i wanna go there" with all the excitment in the world ,now when i told her that it stays green the whole year she became super ecstatic and said "ahhh i wish i can just go there ,pick fresh olives from the tree n eat them right away " with her voice goin soft and her eyes turning dreamy ...i had to wake her up from that happy place : "Wait a second,you think olives grows on the trees as you buy it from the market?" ...

Do you know that scene in almost every Christmas movie where somebody tells the kid that Santa isn't real ?and then the kid goes :BLANK: ? yea thats nothing!i saw the real thing !!i honestly can't understand the passion she has for olives, i felt so guilty !she just didn't say a word gazing at me,for quite a while :D ! But after i explained how olives (from the tree) becomes olives (in the market) she said she appreciates it even more .so no harm done.How crazy is that :DD !! oh human kind how much i love you! always manage to surprise me !

Note : the picture up there is Ismael Shammout's painting (The Olive Tree)

Feb 7, 2009

Shower-gels are so gay !

Today is the 1st time i take a bath in a year,....not! but it was the 1st time i spend much time in that uncomfortable ally at the supermarket, the one filled with all kind of woman's stuff,which also comes with good number of girls around you, but it doesn't feel quite right standing there checking items with them for long time :s .but today i just figured I'm gonna read what’s written on the shower-gel pack, since i always just grab this one i recognize by the color in a second ,and i have to say ,guys we're screwed !!what is this ! here is some of what’s actually written on them :

White Glamour / For fair and admired skin

because fair and lovely isn't a shower gel!

Magic Spell / For Soft and Fragranced Skin

because rough hands are so yesterday! and you stink

Soft Kiss / For Soft and Kissable Skin

because people who still use soap bar don't believe in foreplay !

Be Nice / Firming Skin

because we're too bored to write anymore !

Imperial Leather /Nourishing

because we're not convinced that you're human!

Sokubtsu / 99% Cleansing ingredient from plants

because we understand the lasting effect of "99%" in the Arab world


Finally ,after i almost decided to toss a coin to choose from this awesome list,i see something made me feel like at home, a name that brought back all the bad memories of diarrhea as a kid ... DETTOL ,and what did it say on it ? [ FRESH ] . thats it,i want to be fresh ,i held it up high like that scene in The Lion King, and NIDO's commercial started to play in the back of my head ,and we showered happily once after.

And so now i know... DETTOL Fresh means smelling like a hospital facility! fresh alrightt!!

Finally, note to self : Yer7am jeddak!!!Shower-gel ?!