May 15, 2009

BAPD : Meet Jedditi (Grandma)

I've been struggling to figure out what to blog about Palestine ,there is so much to say about so many things , but i thought to myself ; what is the 1st thing that comes to mind when i mention Palestine .well 1st thing is an areal view of the map :D but printed on it is my grandma's face, Jedditi Halemeh (Um Mithgal) .

No one is exactly sure whats grandma's age ! not even herself,or any of her sons or daughters , but I'd say,she is as old as the wind scratching the face of that naked mountain she lives on,as old as the burning sun she came to make friends with every morning ,she even gave it a place to stay on her body ,between the wrinkles on her smiling cheek,right between the pumped veins on her hands pulling out the bucket from the well in the morning , right on her forehead holding the most delicious Taboon bread on her head taking it home .

Jedditi ; a tower of strength ,raised two daughters and four sons ,who caused her all kind of pain without them knowing ,when one of them was departed,and the others were jailed .

Today, when you go to visit Jedditi, you'll probably find a toddler or two of her grandchildren in her arms,clinging to her Toab (traditional dress) or just following her around . She raised them all,and when we -the ones away- come to visit her,she make it up for us for not being there for us to put us to bed when we were young !

I love my Jeddeh !! (this would make a cool tshirt :p) ,here she is


Qwaider قويدر said...

بركتنا الحجة
May she live long

Whisper said...

الله يخليلكم اياها و يخليكم الها
ويفرح قلبها فيكم

Ola said...

How nice, I wrote about my grandmother too :) We too don't know her real age, it's been the subject of some calculations and guesses in the family, who cares after all? As you said, they are as old as the wind and the sun they lived under

leila said...

Mashallah a strong beautiful woman.. Nice post Naser :give:

LioneSS said...

ما شاء الله
الله يحفظها و يعطيها الصحة و العافية

يا الله جد ما في احلى من حياة البساطة البسمة بتكون طبيعية مو زي بسمة هالايام مصطنعة و بتطلع بالعافيه

الله يبارك فيكم و فيها يارب

Prudence said...

I love your jeddeh too; give her a hug and a kiss for me.

How did you find home??

NasEr said...

Thanks for passing by everyone,
as for hugs and kisses, when she saw the video 1st timeo n the computer (LOL) she was like "hai ya walad hay,6alle3ne men haan,shoof 7awayje (my clothes) wes5een"

and when i read her some of the comment on it she felt like on top of the world lol .so yoosal Pru :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute you made for her. What is the title/singer of the song you used for your video?

Naser said...

Anonymous , its Ummi (my mother) by Marcel Khalefeh

Maisastic said...

she's got such a beautiful face mashallah! do u know how old is she?

Naser said...


Um Omar said...

يا إلهي شو بتزكرني بجدتي
توفت من سنه وشوي,, و زوجت بنت إبن إبنها

الله يخلليكم ياها يا رب,, وتعيش وتشوف ولادك عمي ناصر

Um Omar said...

معلش تعليق تاني

الله يسعد عمرها كيف كافه ثوبها عشان ما يتوسخ من التراب

Wafa' said...

Allah ykhaleelkom eyaha naser, she's gorgeous Masha'Allah , from her picture one can tell that every wrinkle on her beautiful face tells an unforgettable tale

And i loved the way you described her

Long Live Grandma Haleemeh :flower:

NasEr said...

Thanks Wafa'good to see you back,to the hellsphere :D

NasEr said...

Thanks Um Omar for the kind words,yes ma3lesh kaman w kaman 5odi ra7tek :)

nasers.bebe said...

such a strong and lovely jeddeh naser , i see where you get your charm from :)) pure goodness , i love your grandma God bless her and may you be reunited soon

zeina said...

I love the passion in what you write!
I loved this part "she makes it up for us for not being there for us to put us to bed when we were young"

That got me thinking about how a human can be cruel to those who love him! Family, frnds... how we got so caught up with ourselves and forget all about them! Dammit that brought tears to my eyes! No matter what a parent would be there for you, to make you feel better...
You're a blessed soul Naser! :)

NasEr said...

naser's...humm...bebe :)
!!! how did not I notice this before!!!!!!!!!!
thanks,read this or not I wish u're having a great time.

okay...I don't know what to say ! except that I'm really glad someone was this touched by this :) it always puzzles me when this happens,
thanks for your kind words! not everyone connects to this level u know,so u're a special one :

Zeina said...

Though I didn't get it why it puzzles you!
Think of it as physics; every action has an equal and opposite reaction!
Thus when you convert your heartfelt emotions of love and admiration or even hatred into words, they will stimulate similar emotions for the reader (acc to his previous experiences).

Some people fail to convert their feelings into words, but that doesn't negate the fact that they feel the exact emotions :)

NasEr said...

its because ever since I started blogging I never thought "what would ppl want to read about" I just write what come to my mind and I don't expect many to be interestd in it.
I think u're right about the second part of ur comment !

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