Jul 17, 2009

My baby leaves..

My baby leaves

Oh the things you think will never happen to you and hit you without you knowing it ! I hate those ...

She is leaving ,there is no way she will stay ,she is taking a piece of my heart with her,and a place that will never ever be fulfilled again the way i would love to . To see her happy is all that matters ,but I can't help not being selfish about her...I am selfish when its about her!

My baby,my love,my girl will not be "mine" anymore ,there is a guy who managed to steal her heart with a smile on her face and i couldn't do a thing about it... to look at them together gives me serenity for I am sure they're in love,it gives me happiness for i know she is happy, but also makes me feel something I can't put to words, I think..I think it must feel like how the universe feels when a cloud drops a tear upon us to have a new life in the rivers and the oceans, I think...it must feel like how the big apple tree feels like when it let go of a fruit she carried and cherished so much to make the little kid trying to reach it underneath happy and drops it carefully into his hands ,I think...it must feel like how the flower feels like when it gives the bees its nectar to make honey,and home .

Sister oh sister ...I am out of words... I'll miss you dearly .I wish you and Akram the best life there is.I love you.


Whisper said...

I was 100% sure that u r talking about ur sister :D

alla yuaf2ehom u congratulation for both of them.

what to do man, betrabehom w betdareshom and a man from no where come and take them :D

3o2balak :D

Anonymous said...

that's so sweet , i'm not sure my brother will feel the same way if/when i get married .She'll always be yours , think of it as there are two of you now who care for her so much , that's not bad :)

Congratulations and best wishes for the bride and groom .

Anonymous said...

well, for a moment there I thought that there was a love story going on. But then, brotherly love is the greatest of all. I wish them both happiness and luck

sharar said...

yea I thought it that was alove story
but . after i descovered that you are talking about your sister
Congratulations and best wishes for them

ميسم said...

والله نيالها يكون في عندها أخو متلك
Its aLife and Its goes on

3bs said...

u know i will never face this feeling
from what u r saying it is not nice but for me maybe if i will face it which is never it will be a nice one.

alf mabrook o 3ogbalak

NasEr said...

thank you all for stopping by , 3o2bal 3ndkom kolkom :D

NasEr said...

Whisper ya salaaaaam ! u know me too much ma3nato :D
thx ,3o2bal 3ndek (if single) .

Anon maybe he'll ,maybe he doesn't seem like it but I'm sure he will . thx for stopping by,welcome to Smokes blow.

Tha2ir thanks ,3o2bal 3ndak .true brotherly love is the best,when its really your brother or sister,i hate this "7ob a5awi" phrase amongst "friends" :s .

Sharar thanks man,wish you were here :) 3oGGGbal 3ndak ya man.

ميسم :) شكرا لمرورك ، مزبوط هيه هيك الدنيا ، أنا مبسوط حاليا على كل تجاوزت الأزمة :D

3bs it is nice,and not nice at the same time,but its more of a nice one ,its great actually..its complicated lol :D

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