Feb 28, 2011

Oscars Oscars Oscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars

That's exactly how I feel about the Oscars every year! It's finally hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... but what a boring ceremony that was! My favorite host till this day remains Jon Stewart, just bring him back! 2nd is Chris Rock (probably the Bush administration made his job easy that year). I don't really feel like writing in depth so I'll just agree/ disagree with the awards, oh and note to FOX MOVIES: I didn't wake up at 3 AM to miss any minute of the show and watch your stupid ads! and why is it that they have to keep saying: برعاية ?! can't they just play the ads? anyway..

Best Picture: The King's Speech | Can't Argue/ Really?.
Though it wasn't my favorite, neither was Black Swan. I think Inception was the film to win it! but hey to the second year on a row the Oscars proves it don't always make sense!. But thank heavens it wasn't The Social Network! and I have no idea why was True Grit among the nominated films for this category! can someone answer me? The Fighter was second favorite, even though I'm not a big fan of "sports films", but that one was good one, as well as 127 hours, another genre of films I wouldn't bother watching usually which proved me wrong.

Actor in a leading role: Colin Firth | well deserved.
I bought it, I remember thinking after watching the film that he nailed the role perfectly, though you can argue that all he had to do is to master the stammering and that was it! I agree with that, I mean Franco in 127 Hours had to explore so many emotions, often "tied" to one location, hell, one position to be accurate, I wouldn't have been surprised if he had won it. Jeff Bridges' character even though well played, but you feel that you had seen this kind of character over and over again, I love Javier Bardem but didn't get to watch the film yet so.. and Jesse Eisenberg was so convincing, I think it was a tough one to predict this year.

Actor in a supporting role: Christian Bale | Hell Yea!.
I never liked this guy, probably cuz I only watched his "Action" films, but from the 1st couple of minutes of The Fighter he moved in a good chamber in my head! brilliant acting just brilliant.

Actress in a leading role: Nat Portman | Booooooooo.
I need to watch the film again, let's just say.... yea, I need to watch it again maybe I'll edit the booo. u know what I just didn't like the film, or the huge buzz about it. why did it have to go that popular!? it made me want to hate it!.

Actress in a supporting role: Melissa Leo (or as I'd refer to her: Um Dicky) | Very well deserved!
I don't understand why Amy Adams (same film) was nominated as well! neither do I understand Helena Carter's nomination! mind you I love Helena but that role wasn't that outstanding, or maybe it's just me! Anyway, Melissa's role was well played and a joy to watch in every aspect. I secretly wished Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) would win, she held herself really well acting before two huge stars and good actors (Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon).

Animated feature film: Toy Story 3 | I see.
I haven't watched any of the three films so yea! congrats I guess.

Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland | well deserved.
The film was a disappointment to me on a lot of levels, but thinking of art direction... it wasn't easy coming up with that, you gotta give credit when credit is due! Inception wasn't bad as well, I see why the other films were nominated, but I think I'm just drawn to wild imaginations and all-things unusual, things which make you go : How the fuck did he think of that!?!?!

Cinematography: Inception | 5awa Nawa Baglawa!
I was afraid The Black Swan would snatch this one! I think it was a serious competition, and I think 127 Hours should've replaced True Grit and got the nomination (at least).

Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland | Makes sense
It had to be that!

Direction: The King's Speech | Really?!
I wasn't blown away by the direction!! what's wrong with The Black Swan? even though I didn't love the film but the direction was a piece of work! again, True Grit continues to puzzle me being in this category as well! I prefer 127 Hours, that was brilliant direction on all levels!
Documentary feature film: Inside Job | hard luck Banksy!
I'm self proclaimed biggest Banksy fan among the people I know! dare I say in Jordan? Banksy fans?? hello.. do you copy? nevertheless, it's a serious category which I respect much, I need to watch the other ones nevertheless. I only watched Exit Through The Gift Shop (Thanks for the screening Makan).

Documentary short subject: Strangers no more 
I haven't seen any of them, will try to get all of them.

Film Editing: The Social Network | Whatever! 
I can't really claim that I know what "editing" is to critique films on that! but if it's just editing scenes into each other n stuff I think Black Swan should've taken the trophy no? or The Fighter for there were fights in the film? 

Sound Editing & Sound Mixing: Inception, Sound Mixing & Visual effects  | Well Deserved, Well Deserved, Well Deserved & Well Deserved
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Original Score: The Social Network | Say whaaaaaaaa?
How and why the hell is it the social network? HAVE YOU SEEN 127 HOURS? The music in 127 hours was brilliant, spot on, it helped the scenes it was part of every scene, this was a real shocker to me.

Original Song: Toy Story 3 | I don't know
I haven't seen the film yet, and only watched 127 Hrs from the nominated films, nevertheless, A.R Rahman is a genius, but he won last year for Slumdog Millionere so الجايات أكثر من الرايحات يا عبدالرحمن

Adapted Screen Play: The Social Network | well deserved
Whenever someone asked me how did I like The Social Network I'd say: I didn't really watch a "film", I just enjoyed "the story". And I didn't read the original books so I can't argue that 127 Hrs should've won for instance!.

Original Screen Play: The King's Speech | Fair enough
Even though Inception was more original and personally appealing to me.

Alright, that was me! what was your favorites/ disappointments/ predictions??
See ya in next year's Oscars post.