Aug 4, 2012

Have I lost my sense of humor?

I have to say, this post isn't only about N2O recent video which stirred quite a debate on the Jordanian virtual sphere, but it was the straw, for I have been being singled out as "nekid" (the grumpy one) quite few times recently, by friends and colleagues who'd show me something "funny" thinking I'd be laughing my ass off with them, only to be surprised by my "seriousness" and lack of humor! I tried to recollect these photos and videos for you today, you tell me, am I over reacting or what?!

starting with the most recent, the N2O clip taking on the issue of women's right, in my opinion, the video failed to: 1) be funny and 2) highlight the problems women are facing in our society in a dark comedy approach, as one of the comedians stated in this post on Kharabeesh blog. You can watch and read for yourself and be the judge, but in my opinion, the script was half cooked and rushed to the recording room, this alleged good intention the creators of the video had in mind doesn't justify some of the lines and attempted-jokes in the video, I'd go in details but I don't feel like it, for I had a previous experience with the N2O team where one of the "comedians" threw an insensitive (one might even argue sexist or racist) joke about producing a Jordanian version of Oprah using a Ghoraneyyeh (a woman from the Jordan Valley area) as a host, now as a comedian I'd think you'd understand why a skin-color based joke would be perceived as racist or sexist (since the subject of the joke is a woman here, not that there aren't sexist jokes against men), but no, few people from Kharabeesh (with the exception of one pleasant young lady from the team) insisted on convincing me that the joke wasn't racist nor sexist nor insensitive, and that the problem was on my part! Anyway, Ahmad Zaatari's article in Al-Akhbar makes some good points regarding that video, and the debate is still going on.

Another video that made me so upset, while made others burst in laughter is one where a child is being awakened from his sleep by loud music, now I don't know (and I doubt) if this was staged, for the child in the video seems too young to be part of such plan, but whether it was staged or not, I don't see how on Earth, no matter what the child's reaction was (which seems fine), I don't see how adults should be okay with this, moreover, how they see this as "funny"! BECAUSE IT IS NOT, why? because a child is dependent on the adults around him for his well being, because he has no say, because he does as told, and because his whole life is in between his parents hands, and "using" him for entertainment is never okay! period.

Staying on the topic of children, a group on facebook called "LOL happens" posted the photo below, which unfortunately was passed to me by an ex-colleague... how is that funny?! seriously?! again, whether it's staged or not, if it's for real, then all you need to think about is what kind of life this little innocent child has every day, and what life awaits him when he's able to walk, or barely "work".. he has absolutely no say in who his parents were/are or how he ended up there, however, he'll have to live with the sequences of those facts. how is that funny?! and in case it was staged, who gives any adult the permission to do that?! what kind of "HUMAN" being is that?! and what makes such an image get over 4000 likes?! what the fuck is wrong with people these days?!

Last but not least, a video of an 80 years old woman who decided to sky dive, she looks too old to be even walking straight, good for her wanting to sky jump if you ask me, instead of giving up on life and waiting for her day! But when the jump went wrong and the poor thing must've thought "I'm going to die" endless times, scared shitless hanging on a thread for dear life, the rest of the world including the people who showed me this, thought it was funny! Do you have to imagine it's someone you know, someone you care about or a family member so you do not laugh at other people's tragedies? really?!

Do people not have any empathy or sympathy anymore?! have we grown so inconsiderate this much?! careless? people pass by a child or a guy who seems mentally unstable and they run away from them, that if they didn't provoke them or laugh at them, even if they seemed lost or in a dangerous situation they just ignore and move on, they do not even sweat a compassionate thought, just a thought! People laugh at someone walking "funny" because they have a disability, people make fun of the less fortunate or educated because they don't act cool and they don't dress cool and they don't speak the same dialect as they do, what makes you a better human being than those? nothing! you had nothing to do with who your parents are and in  which social fucking class you're classified in. Not Funny!