Oct 17, 2008

The Downside of having a roommate & The Curse of Bab El Hara

Before i start ; I'm sorry everyone i haven't been reading nor i'll be abel to read your blogs any time soon,I'm still not settled n i don't have connection at home,but i promise once i do i'll spam your blogs like the good old days! :D.

So I've been living with a roommate to the 1st time ever,
exciting at 1st, you know the phase where each of you shows his best attitude ? yea that doesn't last long...humm..i wonder if this is the case with newly married ppl :D ? is it ?

Now after you're more friends than before and got to know each other quite (shout out to mab3oos =link to quiet) well,each starts to show his annoying habits, which i have loads of ,like not waking up under any circumstances until its "the time" to wake up,like him being locked out very late at night for two hours, or him calling his cell phone which he forgot at home 30 times panicking thinking it was stolen before he decides to come back home to tell me about it and finding me sleeping with his cell phone 5 meters away from me ! or my hideous habit of smoking anywhere at given anytime,finding cigarette ashes in the bathroom next to the tub (he didn't know that taking a bath,smoking,reading and drinking a beverage at a time in the tub is doable! not my fault!) add to that my controlling-freakingy-syndrome;what i call "the command center" =ie : TV remote control ,AC remote control, & the computer keyboard, must be at my reach at all time.no one can change the channel (for his bad luck I'm fond of politics so the channel =< BBC world news..did i mention his English isn't that good too? he loves TV with me yea :/) . enough about me I'm notorious enough by now .

My friend,the Chef,didn't cook for us once until now,which makes still functioning due to unknown number of Chicken Burgers from 7-11,sticky rice from the street food thingi,and pine apple (its really cheap here :D ,talk about poverty crisis! aka ๅฬํไ ๆ ๆฺ ศำแษ สํไ ) LOL. he doesn't like talking politics :S ! we have a very different taste of music ,which makes me obliged to play him his Um-Kulthoom CD he brought with him from back home! (yea i said it,i don't like Um Kulthoom sue me :( ) and listen to him mumbling with the songs at times...which could be really ammusing given his natural ability to break out of any tune no matter how simple it was :D . he likes goin out to a particular place which i don't enjoy much !everytime,there is no way talking him out of it so . and ,he is freakin addicted to one episode of Bab El 7ara !!!!!!!!! the moment he enters the apptmt he simply CLOSES ALL the applications or documents I'm working on -very boldly :D- and goes to Bab el Hara folder and plays episode 19 ;the one that starts with Mo3taz talking to his mom abt how much he loves her,and then we fast 4wd to where Abo Sh-hab kicks those 3 guys' asses after they t7arkash-ing his wife,and then we repeat the part where Abo Ghaleb curses the Hara and the Hara's sister's bcuz no one gets in and manage to get out without his ass getting kicked anddddd then we'll focus really hard to figure out what proverb abo Ghleb says (something like : ศวัๆฯ วๅัศๆ..อใวั ศวแๅๆว ิสแๆ ฟ )is that correct ?please someone verify it you'll do me a great deal of favor i promise that when you have to laugh at something you don't find funny anymore over n over again i'll throw you a rope in retern :"""""( and then we'll 4wd to where Abo Hatem talks to his nephew about his dad and then he'll tell me that the boy isn't mrabba (well-mannered) and if he were Abo Hatem he'd slap the boy n then i'll explain my rasing-childiology vision and then we'll 4wd to Em Hatem crying in her bed while her daughter is being married and Abo Hatem's speech and then his fav part where Mo3taz and Riyad kicks her fiance's ass ,that would be repeated like 5-10 times.depending on when i lose my mind n start cursing and threat him to delete the bloody folder .phew...feels good to let it out.i freakin memorized the whole effin episode.
Finding out that the shaving machine's battery is dead when u thought there is enough too late,bcuz he never recharges it is obnoxious too !

But the most disastrous of all disastrous ... having a person who clutters stuff more than you do ! and i do a pretty good job in cluttering trust me !! BIG O-WOW! is that how my sister felt during all those years ?geeez...I'm such a horrible person !!! SORRY SIS !!!!!!! it is amazing.. now i understand where the anger came from after entering my room back home :/ poor sis... speaking of which ; my brother tells me what he misses the most about me is my Saga3a !!! and sister misses my 3afshakeh ! :D funny isn't it ? :D.

some people like my randomness some people hate it really ! see I'm helping you here,instead of commenting on the trillion things i mentioned you could pretend that u were taken by the last sentence and say yes i like it,no i don't you're too random for me.and thats it. :D

Adios :D.


Anonymous said...

so he watched pa particular episode everyday ?:S what a freak!

having a roommate is a great experience...u will go thru phases where u cant stand each other but its still fun :)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Episode 19, that would be a nightmare :P

I can never ever have a roommate. I can barely live with my brother and sister :evil:

Hehehe kidding :D

NasEr said...

secret window hello,welcome to my blog,i love Johny Depp ...

yea he is a freak come to bab el zeft :s
thx for passing by :d

Hala no you don't barely live with your sister,lier lier,go read your blog :D

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