Oct 9, 2008


So rumor has it that one should notify when he knows he's gonna be away from his blog for a while is that true ?? if so ,here I'm notifying ,copy that ?
I feel like I'm being reshuffled ,a lot is going on and u know when suddently everything seems so silly and small next to your big dilemma ? thats how is it . yalla adios .see you in i don't know how long .

Note : Toyoor Al-Hathar ,is one hell of a book I've read recently ,this is my favorite quote from it and it can come in handy right now ,Hannoon swearing :

يلعن التنكه يلعن الباب يلعن الشباك يلعن إبرة البابور يلعن الصحن يلعن الكندرة يلعن الشوكه يلعن المفك يلعن الجاكيت يلعن العصفور !ويلعني !


PALFORCE said...

Whatever happened to YIN3AN ROMA?!

SuperNova said...

i miss ur posts :(
good luck hope everything takes the right turn naser :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Naser, zamman 3annak - shu sar/sayer ma3ak, inshallah khair =)

1st blog comment! ya ya =P

good luck & tc,

Anonymous said...

Ok, zabbit 2mourak and come back..
Best of luck Naser w ma tawwil el ghaybeh :)

lost within said...

Good luck with what ever u have to do :)

see ya around soon ;)

NasEr said...

Pal Force buddy : yel3an Roma is on a t-shirt i have :D taken care of wala yhemmak lol.

Nova,Sandra,Noura LW thx .i hope i'll get settled soon . miss you(r blogs) LOL.

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