Mar 24, 2010

RT or "Re-Tweeting"; another stolen Arab invention

Just in case you're not familiar with the term, an RT or a Retweet is a Tweet (A message sent via Twitter) being sent again by someone else... now to the point:

I really hate how "the west" stole, is stealing, and will always steal our brilliant ideas! Retweeting -the art of repetition- isn't a new internet trend if you ask me, its been there since I can remember, every time something important happened and we were too lazy to do something about it we either Retweet the same things to ourselves, or receive a comforting Retweet from higher powers through media.
Re-tweeters vary from ordinary Arab citizens, to parliament representatives, to ministers and prime ministers and heads of states. We are with no doubt the inventors of the Retweet, and to cope up with the current fast pace world we live in today, the useless Retweets are becoming shorter and shorter by time, that they don't mean anything anymore, they don't even piss me off anymore... and since I need to rant about something, really, I'd like to retweet my favorite Retweet ever

...أنا أشجب، أستنكر، وأدعو إلى تغيير الأوضاع للاستمرار قُدماً

I also call for a fierce and serious facebooking about the issue, we need to unify our forces to get an acknowledgment of our stolen idea, Palestine seem to be on the right track of being liberated with this much facebook groups, we shall be next! but please... when you create your own facebook support group (which I appreciate) for this cause, refrain from using godly names, its true tens of thousands of ignorant Arabs will support you without reading a word of what's in your page, but we don't want a counter strike when they all suddenly wake up and forget all about the cause and get their fix of sense of accomplishment by shutting down a facebook page.


sfo said...

أسمعت لو ناديت حياً
معك 100%

وصدقاً أنا ما بحب هالجروبات
ولا بشارك فيها
بحسها مثل الأخبار
بأدي إلى طلمسة

ما عندي حل حالياً
وكثير مهم إنه الواحد يظل على إضطلاع
بس برظو ما بدي أتمسح

Rula A. said...

نصر أبدعت كعادتك،، حبيت كيف ربطت الوضع الحالي مع التويتر :)
..وقصص الفيسبوك هاي عمرها مارح تخلص

Rula A. said...

ناصر أبدعت كعادتك،، حبيت كيف ربطت الوضع الحالي مع التويتر :)
وقصص الفيسبوك هاي عمرها مارح تخلص..

M said...

God, I loved this post.

Can I retweet this? :p

NasEr said...

benshoof la aimta betsammed :D


you sure can :D you didn't though :p

jafra said...

انا بحسد حالي على التخلف التكنلوجي اللي عندي
بجد انا محظوظة :)

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