May 23, 2010

JARA is not for everyone!

read the excellent post on UnderMyOliveTree : JARA is not for everyone!
don't tell me "ppl are nawar", they're when you perceive them as such and tell them that they're as such all the time.
In my opinion, depression leads to explosions, and to whoever is pro keeping a guy outside just because he doesn't have a "family" with him, excuse my french, but a street whore could accompany me and she'd be "my family" in the "families only rule"), anyway, to whoever is pro this unique Ammani rule, I'd like you to imagine you're not allowed to get in next time you go, just because... whatever nonsense reason you can come up with, get creative and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

nice post

فعلا موضوع العائلات - بين قوسين - تقريبا أكثر شيء متخلف بشوفوا...

7ota said...

بالسعودية كل شي للعواااايل فقط نقط

NasEr said...

hamdanism inspired by 7ota's reply, if these ppl think this عائلات rule is good, lets apply it everywhere and then our youth can mess up other countries and act like هجين ووقع بسلة تين as well!

Um Omar said...

u've been missed

وشغلنا برنامج,, إبحث مع الشرطه عشان نلاقيك

NasEr said...

Um Omar
walla I miss it here, bas yadoob mla2e wa2et w haik fadaweh to blog, thanks for stopping by, u can call off the search now :D

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