May 22, 2010


May 21st is apparently a big deal for the Cricassion people (aka Sharkas), I didn't know that before yesterday, when I curiously asked a Cricassion friend about his facebook profile picture, he told me its the Cricassian genocide memorial day, so I googled it and read about it, I never really knew why or how the Sharkas came to be in this area of the world, mainly because i had few Sharkas friends and because I never heard of it neither on news or events or in school or university.
Now that I know though, it kinda changed the whole perception of Sharkas i had, I can relate to them in many aspects! these people fought the Russians for their lives and homeland for over a hundred years, and the result was thousands of casualties, a genocide really, and 90% of their people deported and scattered all over the world! that's the story in a nutshell.

The thing I always noticed about Sharkas ever since is their pride of being Sharkas; the flags, the bumper stickers and all that, now I don't only understand it, but I respect it tremendously actually.

I really don't know how come in my 26 years I never heard about this in school or elsewhere!! better late than never I guess.

read more about the Russian-Circassion war and genocide.


Shaheen said...

Nice post Naser, loved the way that you described your ignorance :D

jafra said...

better late than never " we " guess

nice post iwill try to find more

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Hello Naser, thx 4 this post. As a chechen guy I can relate to this deeply & painfully.
Quqaz region had always gone through tough times -still!- fighting the Soviet Union "now Russia".
Genocides were performed to Circassian people amongst others.
It is a memory that we shall never forget! bsically ruined lives of millions.

(Just for info: Chechen genocide was on the 23 of Feb.)

Again, thx 4 the post Naser, it is nice to see people who care :).


Rula A. said...

My cousin "iben khali" sharkasi.. Fa I know about that min wana sgheere :)
Ma aja fursa to share that info with you before now :)

Rula A. said...

My cousin "iben khali" * Nos sharkasi..

NasEr said...

isn't that a talent!! :D

you too? I think we're so caught up in our own struggle that we didn't care to know more about others, which is somewhat ironic.

you're welcome and thx for your input, my question though, is it a goal for your people to go back there or not?

what else do u know and u r keeping from us ? :p

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Hello Naser, about yr Q.: well, for my generation and upwards; it is hard to do so! see my father was born in Jordan, it is my grandfather who immigrated some 140years ago.

Nevertheless, a lot of people do go back - including young generations - but the majority just visit and come back.

Our roots are from Quqaz but we r by allllll means Jordanians.


Anonymous said...

this is a really nice post naser...thank you so very thankful to are all the other ppl of circassia and chechnya and any other occupied state in russia.

NasEr said...

Thanks @Anon for your lovely comment.
glad to hear it.

NasEr said...


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