Aug 6, 2010

Perception rather Inception

Disclaimer: This isn't a film review, yet Its triggered by it.

"What happens at the end?" I think is everyone's favorite and most nagging question after watching "Inception", without giving away any details or spoilers, I think what happens at the end of the movie is in your head, a reflection of how you perceive and would rather see things go generally, Which -IMHO- is the case with everything you -and me, us- go throw and/ or witness and/ or take part of.
Our perception to any event leads us to "believe" it/ in it, I mean how can you be more certain about anything other than believing it your way? And yet, somewhere there is this someone who perceived the same exact event and will be lead to believe maybe the total opposite of what you came to conclude, I find that interesting. 
A prime example I kept track of - and yes I do keep in mind little things for future references for the fun of it - is Ariel Sharon and his condition, he's been somewhere between life and death on a hospital bed for couple of years now. The Israeli ex prime minister, minister of defense, war criminal and thug is probably one of the most hated Israelis in the Arab world, his name is associated in the subconscious mind of Arabs with blood and massacres, and he of course is/ was/ has been the subject of endless prayers to Allah to take his soul, torture him, revenge, and give him a taste of what he's been pouring in other peoples' glasses, -I know you know this, bear with me-, on the other hand, and here comes the "future reference notification", I watched a long report some years ago on CNN or Aljazeera or somewhere -registered "Credible" in my head- I watched a documentary showing some right wing religious fanatic Israeli Jews  giving their opinions on the man (long before he got sick), and they hated his guts as well! I was shocked, the reason being for hating him this much was "being soft on Arabs and giving too much for the Palestinians"! Imagine that! Anyway, at the end of the show, these Jews said that they're going to pray or do some kind of special prayer or I don't know what exactly which -according to them- was bullet proof plan to finally get back at him and give him what he deserves, agony and/or death, and they said that they used that on Isaac Rabin after the peace treaty and that it always works.
For all those Muslims who prayed he'd die and be in pain, they believe that its justice served, and that God has answered their prayers.
For all those Jews who prayed he'd die and be in pain, they believe that its justice served, and that God has answered their prayers.
Ironically here, they both believe the same thing, but they're so not on the same page on the mechanism. One might say they both prayed for the same God! what do I know, its just about perception. Inception yet?


Rula A. said...

See.. That is why I don't watch this kind of movies,,
For me movies equal entertainment which mean something you enjoy watching or makes you laugh your stomach out.. No thinking no guessing or jumping to conclusions..

NasEr said...

bel 3ax, movies that makes u think are the ones to watch, of course along with the entertaining ones,.. they're all entertaining if u ask me :)

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