Jul 27, 2008

High Voltage : My left foot and "EL Lemby"

High voltage is what I'd categorize the movie "My Left Foot" starring the genius Daniel Day-Lewis under ,I don't know how i haven't heard about this movie before,I owe Hareega big time for this :D! Every line of the script was outstanding on it's own ! The story itself is inspiring and intense, the amount of emotions DD Lewis sent out through his body moving and shaking was tremendous ,to be a crippled i believe is the hardest kind of acting,and I've done some,embracing the state of mind of a physically or mentally challenged isn't the easiest thing to do ,simulating the feeling one would feel to not be able to express his feelings in words or even free body movement is unimaginable i think!i applaud HUGH O'Conor who played young Christy Brown as well.
I can go for pages talking about DD Lewis genuisity and originallity ,this movie must be seen if you're interested in fine art !on a personal level the movie dug up old memories of mine ,also retriggered the constant feelings unstability towards my mom n dad ,it was so great that I'm writing about it right now at almost 4 am.some of what i want to say i'll write down in my journal not here,somethings feel right on paper for some reason,more intimate i guess,my journal's papers are yellow-ish ,maybe thats it.
anyway,what brought Mohammad Sa'ad (El Lembi) to my mind as i watched the movie,and this might sound crazy or add to some,that I've noticed that a lot of the key charastaristics of Sa'ad's characters are some how copied or lets say was inspired by other performances by other actors, Arabs and non Arabs,last of which is the way he speak! i couldn't help but to notice the big resemblance of the famous way Sa'ad speaks with in his movies to DD Lewis's as Christy Brown in "My Left Foot" ,i now believe that a lot of what made El Lembi unique is just a mosaic of little bits from here and there,he gets credit for that anyway,plus he is so talented and original in his own way,even when he do something in his movies that was inspired by someone else he adds to it,and he has his own stuff too,so far.so make no mistake i like him too,but what fascinates me in general is the originality ,coming up with something no one did or thought about before! Saun Penn in "I'm Sam",a dance coreographer ! ,Michelangelo's Sculpture of David etc ..., creating something out of nothing without having a look on how it was done before,because it wasn't,is fascinating ,its high voltage!


Rawia said...

sound to be a good one.. many of my friend said it too .. oh I have to see it soon so:)

Anonymous said...

I do not know if I can classify this post as a movie review, but I am now really excited to watch the movie.


NasEr said...

yup Rawia,and choose a good time to watch it,its heavy stuff :X

NasEr said...

Halah its not as much of a movie review actually,its me blablabing after i get so connected to something,usually this happens :d if a friend was here I'd fuck his brains telling him about it,lucky for you cyber people there is no one here so words of wisdom goes to you :DDDD

I am... said...

el lemby's delima :s

i do respect the fact that u love his "art"...bs am sorry to say that i dont find him a good actor at all!! what z so innovative about copying other's characters?? he did copy them pretty well..made us laugh...but later it all became so "motawaqqa3" ... b3d el lemby sarat kol his characters revolving around the same theme "the goofy one"!!

never the less...i would love to watch this movie u reffered to... seems it has new stuff never been acted before

NasEr said...

Noor keep in mind that he added to those main charactaristics ,plus,he have some stuff that he himself created,plus,his physical crazy goofy stuff he does,aren't easy,and it was never done before.and thats why i still have faith in him :).
Never the less,7abbait-ha :D el kelmeh ya3ne.akka el wade3.

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