Sep 29, 2008

Going on second gear and to the left ,a not very happy Eid .

Eid, my annual boredom day of the year ,extra special episode.

I never really had this sense of Eid and all the relative visits and super excitement ,no much 1st degree relatives in Jordan and not that much of family friends,and your friends are always busy with their family visits and stuff,so the 1st Eid day is basically wearing a pjs for the whole day, boring TV,a sudden cut off from Ramadan series ,all in all Eid usually sucked .

But turned out it could be worse ,how ? you move some couple of thousands of miles away from home ,for one thing,you don't even have your siblings to share the usual boredom with,and you know that they're missing one too, also you're denied your right of bugging your friends about their family visits too ! so let me read your order again please sir, double cheesy shitty day and diet coke,would you like to super size it Sir ? - Yes please ! Sir you're crazy ! - No ,just listen .

Remember when you 1st took your father's car for a drive behind his back ? and after a while you needed to go on second gear ? your accomplice is nagging and reminding you of how important is it to coordinate the break,clutch and gear stick change all together ? That moment where the gear is actually changing and you could feel it to the 1st time,that tiny period of time where it felt like the car and the whole world stopped for a split of a second right in the middle of it,its like the world had gone into slow motion ,but your senses are on full alert your forehead is probably sweating and your chest is against the steering wheel and you're clinging to it for dear life and before you know it everything goes okay and you internally exhale like never before afterwards ? when you realized that the car isn't breaking down and you're not ruining your dad's car !!? See I've been stuck in that slow motion phase for a while now,so don't call me crazy,bitch !!! - whatever sir you're not crazy alright ! would you like anything else sir ? - Yes I do !

Remember after a while when you had to take the 1st left turn into a small alley and you couldn't really see well ? and your head suddenly turned into an unlimited math calculations trying to tick the turn light stick at the right distance and also turn the steering wheel at the right moment with the right pace and shit ?and then as you're going into it and the freakin world goes into slow motion again ?only you're scared to shit praying no car or child bump in front of you ,or having to go back to 1st gear ,and go through that agony again,and once more to go back on 2nd gear geez i could hear you swearing already chill chill ... yes it suck and yes its unpleasant,mind draining at times,but shut da hell up because you know once you're passed it its gonna be worth it ,no regrets, just get done with it already !... hey you still there ?? hello ? fuck!.

PS : I'm not sure if that made sense at all,and i don't really care this time.this is a smokes blow .
PPS : I don't drive,I don't have a license,and I don't know if what i described is anywhere near the truth ,i just thought It might feel that way .

oh and Happy Eid everyone ,have a good one enjoy it ! honestly .


lost within said...

OMG ! loool
basee6a Naser =)

Cheer up dude and easy on the lady ! she's just trying to get u ur cheezburger and coke ;P

Happy Eid to You too and try to enjoy ur eid despite everything :D

NasEr said...

Lost Within ,ba7eb ahdeeke ja2ezet Looler of the year awwal eshe :D i salute you :D
tani eashe ba7es 7ale mafsoom when i address u as Lost Within now knowing ur name so shofelna 7al :p
taletan : if doing the laundry,packing and cleaning is fun to you then its not to meeeeeeeee :'"( lol

lost within said...

LOL ! I do say lol alot! haha
loooool @ the shufelna 7al! It is LostWithin on the blogs ela esh3aren akhar lol

w akheran , I think u now know that I hate those as much as any other sane person wud lol

NasEr said...

ok LW :D
I know u hate'em :DD I'm hating it more,shofe I'm taking a break every 3 minutes,i hate moving i just hate it ,especially in the mist of this uncertainty 3alaina :d

Ali said...

I hear you man, I used to celebrate Eid and Ramadan while at work in the US. I tried to create my won space or world and made it a chance to explain to my American coworkers what is Ramadan, Islam and Eid. They realy had a good insight, that was my joyment of Eid!

Anonymous said...

shou sayer ma3ak ? tawwil balak, kilna bel hawa sawa..Here there is no Eid either..I will only make some extra calls home and bug everybody with questions about food, and ma3moul ............

Yalla, yen3ad 3leik bel so7a w salameh.. Any chance you might be able to visit home for Ad7a ?

NasEr said...

Ali ehh..wallah ya man I'm not religious at all but even though ,one misses the social life it sucks and its not the same even though u explain n stuff :) Happy Eid yalla thx to the internet one feel a bit closer hehehehe :D

Noura el ammoora, kol saneh w inte salmeh too w ahlek w 7abaybek kaman,
I'm not sure i can visit until next May or July i guess..and I'm in this transformation phase having an extra job and nothing is certain so I'm a bet grumpy thats all :D
oh btw,I'd kill for a ma3mool :D i haven't had Atayef this year too,wa3 . lol

LioneSS said...

First why you took your father's car behind his back 2ah :ganawa:


No really i know how it is so hard to spend eid far away from home and family yet we have to find anyway to enjoy it, it is enough to know it is a holy eid to feel happy ^_^ so cheer up brother :D

Mubarak Al Eid, happy returns insha'allah ^_^

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

ahhh, Eid! the second longest day after freaky family fridays! living on my own for 11 years, i have saved myself the headache of family visits and all that social hypocrisy, bas sometimes the feeling of 'damn i miss it' creeps up on me lol

kel 3am w enta b5eir naseroooo :P

NasEr said...

Thx Lioness ,3alaina w 3alaike ,w 2olnalek i don't drive it all,lol.

NasEr said...

Proud Pali NO WAY !!!!!!!!! okayyyy..i have to go with the book now : 1st,LMAO,welcome to my blog LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :d 2anaste w sharrafte wallah 5atwa 3azeeza ya5tche .

yes i miss it an i miss the social hypocracy,the annoying lying taxi drivers, all the unpleasent things i miss it all ! it creeps me out too :D

Single and Fabulous said...

thanks for wishing us happy eid, hope your next eid will be with your family and full of joy !

Jundi said...

tayeb ana nzilit 3ind ahli 3al 3eed and baini w bainak id rather have stayed in riyadh just chillin and enjoying my time off :/

The Judge Family said...

I saw your post re: the date issue with the template you are using. I would love to use this template too. Can you help me with the date issue though? Many thanks!


NasEr said...

Single n Fab thx for passing by,welcome to my blog.

Jundi u r insane buddy :D

Brooke I'm really sorry,my friend did it for me n it took him a long time n i'm kinda tech-retard so !:) sorry really.

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