Apr 13, 2009

Dry Thai New year and boring squirrels

Last year i participated in my 1st Songkran festival (images) in Thailand ,which marks the Thai new year ,if you're a foreigner and you couldn't memories "Songkran" you might hear someone calling it "the water festival" .People go out in the streets with big water guns and everybody splashes everybody ,if you're not in one of those big crowded areas and you stayed home,you go outside your house and play with your family ,neighbors ,and anyone who passes by , last year was a blast,except for the part where i got back home by train,and the train is AC-ed ,and i was shivering :/ but i went again on the 3rd day well prepared with a towel ,dry extra clothes and lots of sacks to keep everything dry in my bag .

Yesterday i went out to the market near by,and I found out it was Songkran!I didn't even know its now,I couldn't imagine its been a year already ,but thats fine, the sucky part is that I don't feel like going out and "playing" ,passing by each group of people preparing to splash me I'd tell them not to,wearing my Jordanian-Kashra face of course ,so they didn't,I've been going out and coming back for two days with no single drop of water on me . why is that bad ? because Songkran isn't the only thing that i lost appetite for !

I don't enjoy taking the motorcycle taxi anymore ,I'm not enjoying the wind in my face or the speed or whatever feeling that made me always prefer motorcycle taxis over the many other options i had to wander around the city .

I don't enjoy watching a squirrel looking for food anymore ,as a matter of fact, when i see a squirrel in the balcony looking for food,jumping around on the wires and furniture ,my only thought is "don't get in here cuz then i'll have to chase you out!" ,I used to wake up early to watch squirrels :/

Yesterday i woke up n found one of those long beautiful worms in my room ,usually I'd sit next to it and watch it and enjoy how fascinating these little things can be , maybe take couple of pictures too, didn't do any of that,just picked it up n threw it out .

I just realized today how i enjoy very few things these days !! I'm not sure when this phase started but its not fun.


mab3oos said...

first sit down and light up a Marlboro lights and give it a few minutes. ليش الكشرة؟ يا أخي.
كبرها بتكبر و صغرها بتصغر

التيتة في الننة
و الننة في التيتة
و حبابوئة

I thought they declared emergency law in the Capital, didn't they? is that why you're a little down?

NasEr said...

lol mab3oos ,first its و بابا أبّح بابا أبّح :D ,thaneyan : hay walla3na Marlboro light ma3 ino "we" don't smoke indoors but la 7ada 7awwash.

they declared emergency but the red people aren't giving a crap ! and its Songkran man they allowed celebration in one major street,last year it was all over . can't care less about it this year,too many headaches to deal with.

Anonymous said...

No sweat man. This happnes with everyone of us. I was in such a period lately. I know that the feelling is really bad. But you'll get over it. Try to take some time away. I mean try to break your routine. It helped in my case.

LUNAR. said...

كأني شفتك بالمظاهرات اللي صارت في بانكوك امبارح
شكلك من الزهق عملت انقلاب عندك

مسا الورد ناصر

Prudence said...

Oh so it IS the thai new year lol!! I thought you were christian, obviously, I'm embarrassed!!

You have either grown out of enjoying being splashed by water, tho I cannot imagine how that can happen it sounds like so much fun, or you have too much on your mind that you cannot enjoy the simple things anymore. You'll either find new things to enjoy or feel better again; this will not last ;)

NasEr said...

Yea Tha2ir i know you've been through this recently :D good to hear you're out of it . Its more of a shit compilation in my case though ,need drastic solutions ,with that comes change in the habits.thx for stopping by .

NasEr said...

LOL Lunar .no man la mozaharat wala ya7zanoon,hadool el Thailandeyyeen be5awwfo w homme mnarfezeen :D eb3ed 3an el shar w '3anneelo .
masa el ward :)

NasEr said...

Prudence why did you think i was Christian in particular ya3ne ? :DDD damn do i sound religious at all ?u sure ? :D

You stop enjoying the simple things when your brain is consumed in dealing with too much negative issues . Songkran isn't just fun,its INSANELY fun,good thing i enjoyed it last year :)
thx for stoppin by

Prudence said...

Why indeed!! I don't know :O Perhaps because you sound too not religious :p Imagine my surprise when I found you quoting qoran and hadeeth!!

Am I the first one to get that impression? lol it's funny!

NasEr said...


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