Apr 21, 2009

Watch and support Palestinian Movies and Documentaries

Facebook might be a pain in the ass often,but every once in a while you gotta give it credit . You can watch and support Palestinian movies and documentaries with links for watching online for free by checking/joining this facebook group (Palestinian Film Supporters جمهور الافلام الفلسطينية) or by checking/subscribing to this blog http://palestinianfilmsupporters.blogspot.com/

There are 3 catagories , Movies ,Documentaries ,and International Films Featuring Palestinian Actors!

Plenty to watch ! get to know Palestine a bit more through Palestinian art. Show the love people .


SimSim said...

I really hate face book and find nothing interesting in it but this seems Interesting :)

Yazid said...

i always wanted such a group like this :D i wanna watch all the movies :S:S:S

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