Dec 26, 2010

Just leave the library!

When we were kids, me and my friends used to go to two libraries to get books for the school's extra assignments we had -yes in a public school, sounds too good to be true I know-, we used to go to Shoman library in Shmesani and the municipality library downtown, Shoman library was later closed and we only had one place to go, the very unorganized and dusty municipality library -side story: my mom once took us to Abdelhamid Shoman library in Jabal Amman and when they told her she can not have us registered in the
library cuz we were under 18 she ranted and bahdalat the poor guy who told her so for half an hour time and left him with a question: where should teenagers between 12-18 go to read?, and then she told him "but I want them to have a walk in the library at least, allowed or not I don't care", and we took a walk in the library between the books and I hated every step of it, oh parents! I think that walk though might have to do with what I used to do when I was a freshman at the university of Jordan, going into the library n just wander around and pick a random book and take it home with me, that, before I knew what I like to read and what not, anyway, moral of the story, take your kids to libraries. end of side story-.

So that poor old lady library will be moving a bit further, they want to turn it into a "historical hotel", the library will be moved to مجمّع رغدان السياحي... wherever that is!!!! is it the bus station? is it another development project? oh please... the library is dying, that's sad but it's fine to be honest, let it rotten in there, why do you have to execute her? I love that rotten old library where it is! I honestly don't believe the crap they say in press releases, like this one , I don't trust their words, none of it, I'm sure someone will benefit from this move, and its not the library, or the readers, or the potential readers... ffs... just leave it alone. stop fucking with the few things WE consider to be the real heritage of our city.