Dec 23, 2010

Secret Santa

We had a very much fun week at work playing Secret Santa, where everyone who wishes to play writes his name down, and then everyone picks a paper and gets to know whose Secret Santa he'll be for Christmas, we play it a little differently though, we didn't just get one gift, instead, during the past week Secret Santas used their creativity to send anonymous gifts to their recipients everyday, our office boy -for the lack of a better term :s - was our secret Christmas gift messenger ... I think he got fed up with it eventually, but all of us were his own Secret Santa eventually ;). What was fun is every time someone left his desk this week he came back looking for his gift, the whole guessing and waiting...! Today was the last day where Secret Santas and their "main" gifts were revealed! I got the best gift I can wish for, a book, and not just any book, I got Sun Tzu's The Art Of War! I literally jumped off my chair! oh and since this is the 1st time I actually get a "Christmas gift" with the Christmas wrapping n stuff... yea I understand that scene in the movies where kids just rip off the wrapping off the gifts under the tree to see what it is hiding .. LOL! big time!

Who is not playing Secret Santa this Christmas though are kids and families praying to God -unlike other people- for winter to wait a little more, till "things get solved" and winter clothes are bought -somehow-, they're around us and there are ways to deliver that stack of clothes in your closet which you never wear anymore to them, be their Secret Santa, finish reading this and get up and take 5 minutes to check out  your closet and dig under the piles and I promise you'll find couple of wearable pieces that can make someone's winter pass less chilling. We'll come to you and pick the clothes up, you can come along as well to see where its going. Leave a comment or an email address, or contact me at and I'll patch you through.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all.