Feb 14, 2009

Telephone operator saved my Valentines day!

Cuz I'm so hip n so cool n so in n so u know,happy person ,i called my phone company tonight at 9:30 PM to check on some subscription thingy i have,and just before i hung up with the sweet lady,she tells me : Happy Valentines day! i was laying down in bed feeling dizzy,but when i heard those words i just sat straight : Oh!Valentine's ,right, happy Valentine's to you too ! i said,she laughed and hung up !
I texted sister n family,I can't remember the last time i had "someone" to Valentine (v.) with ,everyday is a Valentine's day for me with my family and friends,i love them absolutely and so they do .
And to you dear blog wayfarers happy Valentine's day too,go call your mom or something .


Anonymous said...

Yeah, for all of us 3azzabieh, Happy Valentine to you too.

Summer said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too!

Nunu said...

Happy Valentine's day! Though my Valentine's statement this year is the following:

Valentine's my Foot!

NasEr said...

Thanks Tha2ir and Summer :) hope you had a great ones :D

Nunu welcome to my blog and thx :d

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