Feb 9, 2009

Olives don't grow on trees ,people !

One of my favorite things about being abroad is meeting new people from different places and getting to know them and where they come from and their culture and such,also introducing them to my home (Jordan,and Palestine) ,which proved to be a constant correction of wrong ideas and stereotypes ,but its not always serious and political , like what happened the other day when we were having dinner at a friend's place .

we were talking about food ,so my Italian friend asks me about what we'd have for breakfast,and I said Labaneh, Hummus ,and she says oh Israeli food ,and then you have to tell the story and fuck everyone's brain with politics again lol! but thats not where olives came under the spot light,after i explained what is Labaneh and how its done,i told them that it goes perfectly well with olives,olive oil and a cup of tea ,so this Finnish friend of our's jumps off the ground : "Olives?!you have olives in your country ?i love Olives !i wanna go there" with all the excitment in the world ,now when i told her that it stays green the whole year she became super ecstatic and said "ahhh i wish i can just go there ,pick fresh olives from the tree n eat them right away " with her voice goin soft and her eyes turning dreamy ...i had to wake her up from that happy place : "Wait a second,you think olives grows on the trees as you buy it from the market?" ...

Do you know that scene in almost every Christmas movie where somebody tells the kid that Santa isn't real ?and then the kid goes :BLANK: ? yea thats nothing!i saw the real thing !!i honestly can't understand the passion she has for olives, i felt so guilty !she just didn't say a word gazing at me,for quite a while :D ! But after i explained how olives (from the tree) becomes olives (in the market) she said she appreciates it even more .so no harm done.How crazy is that :DD !! oh human kind how much i love you! always manage to surprise me !

Note : the picture up there is Ismael Shammout's painting (The Olive Tree)


Summer said...

You should post your laban making recipe and the labaneh too...maybe you can include a photo of the finished product too!
are you having breakfast gathering for your friends with "Israeli" food soon ;)
make sure you follow my recipe for some mana2eesh za3tar too :)

NasEr said...

hehehehe Summer will doooo..but i need to make it again cuz the one liter made one plate only and i savored it at one long setting :p
will post the recipe now with a piccc .

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