Feb 21, 2009

Things I Thought I'd Never Do

Movie Moments : Things I Thought I'd Never Do

Some of the things I find myself doing in Bangkok never occurred to me ,I sometimes snap of whatever I'm doing and look around and make sure its real lol, i call them "movie noments",things when you do feels like in a movie , such as :

* Reading a book on a train
Simply because there are no trains in Jordan (well except for for one i think? that's been there forever?) ,and because you don't read a book unless you have to ! now this one is so unreal because the train is full of Asians ! Who by the way look as if they just got out of a comic book,which by the way they'd be probably reading too !they dig comics these ppl !

* Using a map to wander around
Amman is one long main street,with 8 circles along the way,and then you go "right,left,the next left no skip it,the next one yea take it,right,straight ahead, opposite to the little *Dokkaneh,you should see a balcony with some pottery on it,yea we're in the above floor " .Bangkok isn't that cozy ,if you don't have a map you'll be probably lost, so holding a map arms wide opened figuring out where is "North" and where am i and where I'm going is fun to watch .I'm not sure we have a map of Amman anyway ! (related : check this Jabal Amman map i made).
[*Dokkaneh is a mini-market,or actually a bit smaller)

* Taking off my shoes before going into an OFFICE !
Yup ! they do that here ,not all offices though, but if you're going to your lawyer's office or any kind of office that's not really public expect to take of your shoes before going in !! Of course houses and homes too.

* Having rice for breakfast !
So one day,when Naser was still new to Bangkok,after 10 days or so,he wanted to have eggs for breakfast ! so to make it as close to what it would be at home as possible,he woke up at 6:30 AM, made a big cup of tea (they don't serve tea at the restaurants..i know!!!) and went downstairs to the supermarket,got a pack of toast bread (its still bread heh!) and went to the nearby restaurant with his cup of tea and bread ,took out his "Thai For Travelers" dictionary and found "Omelet" and pointed at it to the waitress . he was craving it so much he started to drool and day dream about how it'd taste with Taboon bread ,only to be woken up by the waitress bringing him what he ordered....or did she ?
Plain eggs or Omelet here means : rice,with eggs ,if you're lucky,the eggs won't be scrambled with the rice and will be in one piece topping the rice ,if you're unlucky like me,and the people at the restaurant nearby aren't that good with English,you're gonna have rice with scrambled eggs scrambled all together for breakfast .
PS : i now have rice with anything for breakfast ,its in your head only ,its no big deal :D

* Riding the bicycle as a main transportation mean !
Imagine that a guy or a grown man or even better a woman ,is riding a bicycle to go to the mall or her work place ...in Jordan ! I don't know why is it so laughable,actually after trying it,its pretty neat, good exercise,you don't get stuck in traffic ... but i think there is a good reason why it shouldn't be implemented in Jordan,see drivers here DO actually give a way for a bicycle on an intersection ! they don't try to push away or run you over ,if you're taking the far right side of the road no bus,car or motorcycle even would come near you ,and if the road is too narrow,they'd let you have the whole space for yourself and they'd drive after you ! CRAZY huh ?

* Feeding a Dog !
Dogs scare the hell out of me ! they freak me out period . But if you're gonna live in Bangkok you better get used to them ,they all over the place,dogs in Bangkok are like cats in Amman ! and they're nice and quiet most of the time , and these days I'm living in a building where we have a big black dog , which to my surprise (after watching a lot of "The Dog Whisperer") now listens to me and don't bark when he see me coming :D in return,I started to give him his food ,and i actually do pet him, and this i would have sworn to you before that i'll never ever do !
here is a picture of him ,his name is Ku Lo.

SO whats your movie moments ? I want to tag some people ! I'm thinking Momma Bean , Kinzi will have lots of funny movie moments since they're kinda new to Jordan :D so you're tagged . Andddd... Hareega ,I'm sure a lot goes on in the ER ,Diana the new mom , Mab3oos because his default state of mind is Angry,Iman for the same reason as well,and Rawia ! Tag yourself if you wish,and make it funny !


kinzi said...

LOL Naser, these are fun, typical ex-pat adventures!

I will get on this Monday, ok?

I like the look of your blog. :)

kinzi said...

(Oops, I see you were talking about not liking MY blog design! The only thing I changed was the color of the header. My daughter liked it. You prefer blue and yellow?)

NasEr said...

sure Kinzi ,whenever you're free .
check ur comments for blog design ,lol,major misunderstanding :D

MommaBean said...

I'll see what I can do, although, somehow I don't think Kinzi can be considered as new to Jordan. expect many of her movie moments are in the US these days...

Rawia said...

haha @ the book on a train . they have a train I guess... bas alw7ed mteel a3eed be al5ala6 :P.. nice will do mine later :P

Rumi said...

Taking your shoe before getting in to an office is truly hilarious! last week i went to visit a friend in her new house and to my big surprise and embarrassment she asked me to take my shoes off and i had a hole in my socks so i had to take them off too and bare with the freezing air! Thank God i don't live in bangkok or i would have dedicated a budget to socks lol :P

as for my movie moment, it would be me getting prepared in the morning for a big presentation i will make to the managers. Standing in front of the mirror, buttoning my shirt and fixing my suite like it is really serious while i rehearse the opening phrases with serious gestures on my face... for some reason, i cant get used to it and i cant be that, it is just a role!

NasEr said...

Thanks all for passing by and lovely inputs, sorry for the belated reply .

Rula said...

super nice Naser :)
about # 1 reading on a train.. its nice that u got sth. to read u know bima ino trains r slow w itaree2 taweele,,

# 2 & 3 & 5 I did that in Canada :)

# 4 howe ana ma bidi 2a2rifak bas bidi a7keelak esh biji 3abali aftar a7yaanan :D
bikoon fee ruz masri bayet min ghada imbare7 batoolo min italaje w basakhno ba3deen I add katshap w mayoneez w bajeeb turkey (martadeela)w ba2ate3ha muraba3at w bakhlitHa ma3 (rise, ketchup, mayo) w baakolhom for breakfst with Nescafe hehehe bidalo yi7kooli ino bakol zay il philipiniyeeen hehehe,,

# 6 ana bardo I don't prefare dealing with dogs wma azon ino b yoom I will :)

NasEr said...

Rula welcome to my blog,i assume u r Rula my friend ma '3airek lol , IF so i say : gol3a6 ygal3e6ek dear :DDDDDD aish had ! rice ketchup n maio n Nescafe ? !!!!!!! too much too much i swear :D
bas sa7tainnn

Rula said...

hehehe yes me Rula (fay3akteer) :P
alla ysalmak w ahla w sahla feek kaman :)
hehehe yes walla zaki specially 3ala jooo3 u have to try it sometime :)

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