Feb 7, 2009

Shower-gels are so gay !

Today is the 1st time i take a bath in a year,....not! but it was the 1st time i spend much time in that uncomfortable ally at the supermarket, the one filled with all kind of woman's stuff,which also comes with good number of girls around you, but it doesn't feel quite right standing there checking items with them for long time :s .but today i just figured I'm gonna read what’s written on the shower-gel pack, since i always just grab this one i recognize by the color in a second ,and i have to say ,guys we're screwed !!what is this ! here is some of what’s actually written on them :

White Glamour / For fair and admired skin

because fair and lovely isn't a shower gel!

Magic Spell / For Soft and Fragranced Skin

because rough hands are so yesterday! and you stink

Soft Kiss / For Soft and Kissable Skin

because people who still use soap bar don't believe in foreplay !

Be Nice / Firming Skin

because we're too bored to write anymore !

Imperial Leather /Nourishing

because we're not convinced that you're human!

Sokubtsu / 99% Cleansing ingredient from plants

because we understand the lasting effect of "99%" in the Arab world


Finally ,after i almost decided to toss a coin to choose from this awesome list,i see something made me feel like at home, a name that brought back all the bad memories of diarrhea as a kid ... DETTOL ,and what did it say on it ? [ FRESH ] . thats it,i want to be fresh ,i held it up high like that scene in The Lion King, and NIDO's commercial started to play in the back of my head ,and we showered happily once after.

And so now i know... DETTOL Fresh means smelling like a hospital facility! fresh alrightt!!

Finally, note to self : Yer7am jeddak!!!Shower-gel ?!


Anonymous said...

Man, this was a topic I was going to discuss one day!!
Anyways, if you want a not-so-gay shower gel, use Addidas. I mean no one this way can claim anything about it.And dettol!! looks you have some nice memories about it, I don't!
cool post

Free Whispers said...

I get confused with shower gels!!

but here is a tip, smell it, the one you like how it smells grab it..end of story..

NasEr said...

Hey ,Tha2ir , 1st of all welcome to my blog.
well Addidas is expensive ya zalameh :d mafe eshe not fancy not gay ? :d i mean since u've been thinking about it u must've done ur research lol

NasEr said...

hello Free Whispers ,long time listener 1st time caller i believe :p ahla w sahla.
u too get confused with shower gels? LOL !why ,they're all pink n yellow n for kissable skin :D wut would confuse a girl in that ally ?

Free Whispers said...

Well i think it is the "always confused" part of me, when there are alot of options , i dont know what to choose, plus i always feel they are all the same, and all the promotion around it..for dry skin..for smooth skin is just a way to get more money!so i dont believe them..i go by the smell :D

Noor said...


dude....what were u thinking??? u wanna shower or clean the house???Detol??? just get ur self any johnson's products...better...u'de smell n' feel fresh n' like a baby :D

jd yer7am jedde w jedak...w malha el saboneh el nabelsieh?? :\

Farah said...

loool that cracked me up

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