Mar 20, 2009

Who said Jordan is boring ?

A friend of mine is in love with Jordan's nature , back at the university he always talked about different sights and showed us pictures n all , he used to organize small trips of small groups of tourists (mainly) sight seeing and exploring . Recently he and partners and now with profissional French rock climber on the team came together and formed Tropical Desert Trips and expanded a little bit . 

I was really shocked of how much we have in Jordan we don't know about other than Petra and the Dead Sea ! Visit that website ,recommend it to your friends and visitors , they'll be giving the 1st profissional rock climbing Course in Jordan : 

Dear friends
Tropical Desert is starting its 1st Rock Climbing Course with French mountain guide Wilfried Colonna, Elizabeth Abellanosa and local guide Hakim Tamimi. 


Objective of the course: To learn the basic techniques to climb with efficiency and security in equipped artificial & natural walls of one length, as second or lead climber. 

What participants will learn?
1. Climbing equipment knowledge and use: Climbing shoes / Harness / Helmet / Rope / Belaying equipment (8, Grigri, belay device) / Karabiners (basic and sewgate) / Quickdraws / Slings / Chalk / Adequate clothing
2. Movements and progression techniques:
a. Movements: Use of hands, feet, body (centre of gravity); the rule of 3 points; de-climbing.
b. Route finding / planning ahead.
3. The environment / Different climbing style and types:
a. Different types of walls: Boulder, artificial wall, equipped cliffs, mountain climbing.
b. Different type of rock: Limestone, sandstone, granite.
c. Routes and grading system
d. Environment respect.
4. Knots and ropes - Basics
a. Knots: the 8 (2 ways).
b. Different type of rope (static, semi-static, dynamic).
5. Belaying:
a. Belaying a second climber in top rope (from down; from top???).
b. Belaying a lead climber.
c. Different types of bolts
6. First steps to lead climbing / setting up safe belays / abseiling when abandoning route.
7. Security and safety:
a. What not to do.
b. How to keep and take care of the equipment.

Duration of the course: 1 month including 2 half day in artificial wall, 3 days in equipped cliffs outside Amman. Access to the artificial wall free during one month every day after 5 pm. 

Half Day 1: Artificial wall – Amman:
• Explanation and demonstration of points 1 to 5;
• Bouldering

Day 2: kerak – wadi weida
• Review of points 1 to 5;
• Explanation of point 7 (Security and safety). 
• Each participant will climb two easy routes.

Day 3: Fuheis – Hakim’s cliff
• Review of points 1 to 5 + 7;
• Climbing of routes of different difficulties;

Half day 4: Artificial wall – Amman
• Point 6 (First steps to lead climbing / setting up safe belays / abseiling when abandoning route);

Day 5: Ajlun - Thôr Motlagh (Sami’s cliff)
• Review points 6 and 7;
• Climbing routes of different difficulties, as a second or lead climber.

Max number of participants: 8
Last day for Subscription: 29th of March 
Course Starts on Friday 3rd of April
To subscribe call Hakim Tamimi 0795431616

This is a project driven by a really simple but very powerful force, passion ! Please show support and if you have the time you might want to try and go see and do things in Jordan you thought never existed, change Amman's atmosphere and get to know Jordan's wild ,its like nothing you experienced before .

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Ma'en Al-Tamemi said...

Great project, I must take the tour when I come back to Jordan...Keep it up guys...

AQ said...

Well, i still think Amman is boring when compared to Beirut and Dubai, there is no viba, people are dead, they do not laugh and dance enough, there is no night life so we do not have good tourism.

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