Mar 21, 2009

The A4 conspiracy theory !

Okay here is the deal !

I needed to measure out something ;a rope,I didn't have a ruler, or a meter ,so what do i do ? I started looking for something with known length to compare to it ! I thought of going online and looking for "whats the length of 1 Dollar bill" since i have this 1$ here, but then i thought of something easier ! an A4 paper ! 

So i opened MS WinWord ,went to page settings to figure out whats the dimensions of an A4 paper , its 29.7 cm in length, and 21 in width cm . The question that is really really eating my head, why not 30x21 ?? why the 29.7 !! whats the point ??who are you helping ??or is it meant to complicate my life??

I laid the rope I was measuring down on the paper and measured the 29.7,and then I had to approximate the other 0.3 cm by myself ,folded the paper in half (vertically) so the width is now 10.5 and laid the rest of the rope down and it fit perfectly . had the length been 30 freakin cm I’d have just folded it horizontally right away as it was laying there on the desk with one move instead of rotating the paper and making sure its evenly folded along the TWENTY NINE CENTIMETER SEVENTY MILLIMETER edge .

Who are these people ? must be the free masons !! Controlling the world through weird demonic measures!

Anyway ,the rope was approximately 40 cm  long if you’re still wondering !have you? If so you need to take some basic math lessons .


Anonymous said...

Yeah man, I never knew why! those free mason bastards!

MommaBean said...

Can I tell you this has been one of the most annoying things about living in a A4 world. In the US, our paper is 8.5" by 11". So, if you need to measure, no worries. Everything's neat and simple. I can't use a piece of paper to measure anymore :(. not only is it .3 cms off, but I don;treally know what a centimeter is, teehee.

NasEr said...

LOL Tha2ir tawwel balak man :D

MommaBean if there is something that bugs more than these crazy measures n all,its the American ones >SORRY< :d but i mean why ?whyyyy did you have to have your own measurements thats unlike anything in the world ? when i talk to an American friend,here in Thailand or online ,we can't communicate over the silliest things,like how tall I'm :D or how many POUNDS of yougurt do they need to prepare a plate of Labaneh :p

siegex said...

lool you got me interested toknow the reasons that i googled it..

there you go

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