Jun 23, 2009

Smile ! you're in south Lebanon - إبتسم أنت في جنوب لبنان

Today i attended the screening of this movie إبتسم أنت في جنوب لبنان by the very talented Dalia Al Kury (also director of إحذر أمامك تعليق and عربيزي) at Daret Al Fonoun - Lwaibddeh (Amman).

The documentary was filmed in south Lebanon a year after the 2006 war when Dalia went to check on her relatives ! through it,you do realize how these people survive a war after a war and from where they get their strength ,so many black comedy situations (real situations) !like the toddler saying "2at3aaaat" when the electricity cut off...like making use of the TNT powder from the exploded bombs.... we also get to notice the very unique fabric of the Lebanese society even within one (extended) family ,who all live in south Lebanon,who are all of Palestinian origins like when two siblings asked if they have Hassan Nasrullah's picture in their houses and the two very different answers and justifications !

there is a lot of joy in the documentary ,so many laughs ! its just...u gotta watch it ! I'm not sure when is there another screening ,i'll make sure i'll post , but anyway you can get the original DVD from Dalia for 5 JD only .


Anonymous said...

Shoot, I was just about to go and attend but I got stuck up in other issues. I hate that

NasEr said...

ra7 3alaikkkkk...
i'll post if there is a coming screening .

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