Jun 26, 2009

Why am i thinking of jokes about Michael Jackson's death !!

Whats wrong with me :s jokes are popping up in my mind ever since i heard that Michael Jackson died !!! why am i allowing myself to make light of death ,especially that i have some serious issues with "death" ,its probably the most thing i so fiercely hate in this life ! weird ! I want to go on but I'm having mean thoughts thats supposedly funny ! :s i better go blow off this energy doing thriller routine ! see !!!!??


david said...

Hi Naser,

Can you tell me how you got the date function to work in your template? I have got the same template, and cannot get it to work.


david said...

Hi Naser,

Never mind - i figured it out. Sorry to bother you.


Rula A. said...

Lee sayer sharrani!
I think it's normal.. coz this is the human's nature.. When you don’t feel comfortable about something unconsciously your brain deals with it in away that is not direct.. so your brain started to think of jokes.. Mine walla ilo 3 week mutawaqef 3an il 3amal so it didn’t do anything ;D

(فلطسيني وبفخر) said...

michael jackson the
all people in the street was talking about him and his death
but the most of them don't know him
so. this is the human nature
when the hear that some one had dead the are gonna to be sad on him
قلب الام بقى

Anonymous said...

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