Jan 19, 2009

Arabic 101 for leaders

So they rule until they die ,they're supposedly Muslims,also -supposedly- they have read the Quraan so many times, they're called Arab leaders .

How come they speak so goddamn broken Arabic ? If you watched TV enough you'll speak better Arabic !!! what is this :/ ? most of them reminds me of the low-self-esteemed guy who had to do a presentation in Arabic 101 back at the university and ended up stuttering and sweating and you could feel the heat coming out his red face ,but those are just pale ,must be the AC !


Jano said...

I don't watch them or listen but there must be people who take care of these things, no? i mean in all perspectives; religion, politics and language.. but maybe some people dont talk their language.. talk with others'

Blue in Green said...

lol said the same thing yesterday while watching it..i read arabic better :P

NasEr said...

Hey Jano , yes,supposedly there are people whose job is to "take care" of these aspects, that what makes you even more shocked ,i think they're just too arrogant to care !
and as far as i know,they all speak Arabic !!! :)
and welcome to my blog

NasEr said...

lol Blue in Green I'm not sure ...should you be proud or should they be ashamed ? :D

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