Jan 14, 2009

WTF is going on in Amman ???

So there are people giving aid and handouts, there is a company willing to ship it for free ,and there isn't enough Jordanian people to stack the boxes ??? WHAT DA FUCK is happening in Amman ?????????????????

here is the ad below,and here is a MAP ,so far 3 messages (for 3 days) asking for volunteers came in .if you can't go just post this page on facebook or write a note or email it or mention it or go back to sleep .
Note before you read : if you don't have a car,Ali just posted this :

To make it easier for people, we are meeting in front of Cozmo / Smart Buy at 6PM Wednesday and Thursday and we will do car pooling for people who do not have cars.

The Ads :
Dear friends,

During our 48-hour campaign, over 400 volunteers showed up throughout four days to help sort and package the donations that we received. Since then, many of you have been waiting for another opportunity to pitch in and do your part to help the people in Gaza once more.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday January 11th, we will be organizing volunteer drives to the Aramex warehouse in Al-Qastal, everyday, between 3pm and 9pm, until the job is done. There are a lot of donations to sort and package and we need as many hardworking volunteers as possible. We will be packaging these donations in family packages that would last a family for one whole week.

So get your friends together, get in a car, and follow the map posted on 7iber.com! here is the link


Action committee and 7iber crew will be there, and don't forget to spread the word as much as possible! for more information please call this number:

نحتاج الى متطوعين للمساعدة في تغليف الغذاء لبعثه الى غزةØ


خلال حملتنا السابقة، أكثر من 400 متطوع جاءوا لتقديم يد العون في الترتيب و تغليف المساعدات التي جمعناها. منذ ذلك الحين الكثير منكم كانوا ينتظرون فرصة أخرى للقيام بدوركم بمساعدة الأهل في غزة. ها قد حانت الفرصة.
بداية من الأحد 11\1\2009، سنبدأ بتنظيم حملات متطوعين الى مستودع ارامكس في القصطل. كل يوم ما بين الساعة 3 بعد الظهر و 9 مساء حتى يتم انجاز المهمة.

هناك الكثير من المساعدات التي وصلتنا، و نحتاج الى اكبر عدد من الأيادي لمساعدتنا. لذلك اجمعوا اصدقاؤكم، و اركبوا في سياراتكم و اتبعوا الخريطة الموجودة على


سيكون فريق لجنة العمل و حبر هناك, و انشروا الخبر! للمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم التالي



Ali said...

Thanks for posting. To make it easier for people, we are meeting in front of Cozmo / Smart Buy at 6PM Wednesday and Thursday and we will do car pooling for people who do not have cars.

NasEr said...

Thats great Ali,
would you keep me updated with these little details so i can post elsewhere please (cuz I'm outside Jordan). I'll add your ad to the post too now.

MommaBean said...

Woohoo! See, now because you posted this, there were quite a number of people tonight. I'm crediting it all to you ;).

Ali said...

MommaBean, it was good seeing you guys there. Yes tonight we were about 200 people, double the number from the past 2 days. But I need to talk to Aramex guys as some effort is wasted. it needs to be more organized

NasEr said...

MommaBeaaaaaaaan ...its been a while how you doing :)
I wish that could be true hehehe,I'm kinda stuck here can't do anything except for online things,I'm moderating Palestine forum in mahjoob forums and been sooo busy with wuts happening thats why haven't been blogging.lots of guys n gurls said they'll be going in the coming days from there so take care of them :p.as well as bahdalet my friends on facebook lol.
keep me updated with any little details that might not come with Action Committee facebook messages.
and good luck to you all and you're lucky,enjoy it.

Enas said...

7aram 3aleek Naser! Many ppl come everyday. Believe me fee kteer nas dont worry :)

NasEr said...

LOL Enas.well that was on the 14th,by then i had 3 msgz asking for volunteers which kinda drove me nuts.
great hearin the good news from the warehouse keep it up .wish i was there!

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