Jan 19, 2009

So i want to adopt a child from Gaza,what do i do ?

How is it possible to adopt a child form Palestine ? what can be done ?

If someone has information on what needs to be done if (i) was in the UK precisely that would be much appreciated too. But if you can help me with any sort of answer whether from religion's point of view (and please don't give me something like : i think,i heard,i guess) ,or a legal point of view that'll be great as well.

Please if you don't know the answer and know someone that might have send him this post link or just ask your friends see what happens,post this on facebook or ask someone you know who lives there ,you might end up helping a child in the process .

PS : The aim is to adopt a child from Palestine,from Gaza or the West Bank, I'm not sure if the regulation will be any different ,but i thought I'd mention it.