Jan 22, 2009

A story about nothing and running cellphones

He woke up late in the afternoon thinking : do i have enough cigarettes to go with the coffee? , yawned and took another 10 minutes of sleep . got out of bed like a drunk, had a look at himself in the mirror ,messed up his hair a little bit more ,hit the shower to discover that his roommate used all the shampoo and of course did not even care to tell him so,he cursed and dried up ,the water is now ready for breakfast ,a big mug of coffee with 3 or 4 cigarettes ,when he realized there was no coffee cream anymore,he cursed again ,but made his coffee still .

He searches for his cell phone ,found it on the floor ,dead .he yelled "NO",he brushed away its' screen ,begging it to switch on , "oh my cell phone oh my cell phone" he thought, he just realized how important his cell phone to him .never appreciated it before ,it eventually started and tested their relationship in the most expected way, the cell phone asked him to enter the PIN code !! of course he never used the pin code but once,a little more than a year ago !he never cared to memorize it,he never thought of it ,and now its time to pay back !he tried the 1st combination ,didn't work,tried another combination ,and was left with the final attempt . he sat there thinking of it,trying to remember it,but luck wasn't exactly his ally that morning ! he realized, that his cell phone has been working non-stop for an entire year,not one restart,not one break,none ,and it finally wore out,just...collapsed !