Jan 24, 2009

So Waltz With Bashir , Israeli Movie about a massacare

Heard of it ? It wont a golden globe the other day ,Its an Israeli movie about an Israeli soldier who lost memories from the Sabra and Shatella massacre and Beirut invasion and tries to revive what happened along the movie , animation movie,really finely done ,the story was fine ,nothing to complain about ,the movie's title (Waltz with Bashir) came from a scene where an Israeli soldier during Beirut invasion after Bashir Jmayel was killed goes into hestiric shooting rampage and appears to be dancing the waltz with Bashir Jmayyel's big poster on a building behind him at that junction . Its a shame that Israelis had made a movie of this quality and credibility about Sabra n Shatella and Arabs didn't ! ... but that's not what this is about exactly .

So i have a new hobby ! making Arabic subtitles for TV series and movies, (The Big Bang Theory,The Office, Movies : Che Part One and Waltz With Bashir) and after the two movies, the biggest Arab translators on-line community (DVD4ARAB) invited me to their website n stuff and turned out the subs are fine and my Public school English teacher should be proud of me.

Here is what I'd like to pick your brains about, some of the comments i received there ,some of the opinions that says we shouldn't watch the movie ,because its an Israeli one ,Qathara (dirt,crap) and a waste of time !! and "Do you really believe the Israelis will make a movie that condemns them?" and such...

The problem is that those people didn't even watch the movie ! I don't understand the idea, I mean we've always seen and heard it,where some kind of boycott to some kind of art took place without even knowing what is it about,but i never understood it .Do you ??

And then here is another question , do you deal with art as art and thats it ? or where it came from matters ? don't think movies only, lets say music,poetry ,would you not listen to something made by an Israeli ? or whoever "the bad guys" to you are ? wouldn't you at least check it out to see what the hell are they talking about ?


mab3oos said...

Actually I don't understand why some Arabs are against the movie. Even the LBC didn't want to air it because it was Israeli. The problem is what you said: blind ignorance. The movie is actually a good thing for Arabs, where it shows the events in Lebanon at the time as massacre committed by the Lebanese Christian Militias with the support of the Israeli Army.

NasEr said...

Hey mab3oos how u doin man !
I actually had so many discussions over that website ,i answered with so many details at times i felt i spoiled the movie,and at the end when they run out of empty excuses they go : well you apparently don't want to change your mind !
LOL !!

Anonymous said...

First of all, welcome back:)
How is life going?

yes,I have heard of it, seen some clips on youtube, it seems interesting. I might not see not because who made it, but because of the memories of that period.

As for your last questions, for me , it depends on the timing..I usually listen to music made by the "bad guys", but like now at this time and after what happened in Gaza, I found myself not wanting to give them a chance.It doesn't seem right..

so, you liked the movie?

NasEr said...

Nouraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,hello you :)
good to be back,thx ;)

i understand what you said,i know wut u mean,actually the 1st time i listened to music (by Chopin) after the Gaza event was last week maybe,and it felt weird, not saying that Chopin is "the bad guys" but i think we all felt unease doing wut we usually do in that period,and still anyway.

i liked the movie so much i translated it !that takes like long time to do , as a film,it was very finely done,and i'm a big theater/movie fan . and as for the story,it wasn't twisted,it was what it was ,so yea i liked it,and as i said ,i felt kinda pissed off that we (Arabs) didn't make anything of that quality to get the world to see what happened .

and the worst part is where i play devil's advocate convincing ppl its a good movie :/

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