Jan 6, 2010

FCOOs: Five Common Office Observations

I find the following 5 actions surprising, interesting, and somewhat stupid*:

1- When you hand someone a printed document and immediately ask you before looking at it"what is this?"!!
 hummm...a printed document that explains what it is?

2- When someone yells "hey, I just sent you an email"!!
I mean, what's the point of an email? seriously think about it!

3- When someone come to you and ask you about something YOU'VE ALREADY E-MAILED long time ago!!
In this case you probably forgot to yell "hey, I just sent you an email"! your bad!

4- When people print and do on paper what they could've done on their computers!!
I don't get it! is it more fulfilling to write on papers and then type it in again?

5- Every time someone asks for someone's phone extension out loud waiting for the magical 3 numbers to come from the back of the office! even though everybody has the extensions list either printed,in their emails, or both!

What are your FCOOs?

*if you do one of the mentioned above,don't take personally, I don't think you're stupid, I just think what you do is stupid that's all.and the cute bunny up there isn't for you,because stupid is as stupid does...


Farah Batarneh said...

Hello !!!
heheheheheheh U are avsolutely right!
i remember i did this once loool !!
i wont call my self stupid tb3an but .. marra i sent sm1 an e-mail then that one signed in and said hey am replying 2 ur mail .. o ana azka menno i said .. oh kammel el reply i'll wait to recieve it !
enno bella 3alay?? hehe
tb ma hay online talk o 5alsooonaa!!!

yalla betseer nahfat m3 el wa7ad .. NAHFAT msh Stupidity :P

Liked these points !
have a gd night :D

sadegni said...

dude this is the most stupid thing you ever wrote

Anonymous said...

lol i think i did all that! :D

1- betkon ma bedak 2aw mish fadi tkra2 el war2a so btes2al mishan yeshra7lak el mwado3 3al sare3..!

2-betkon mest3jel w bedak yrodelak 3al saree3, fa mishan ma testana la yshof emailo..!

3-ya bekon ma shaf el email 2aw nise ad ma 3ndo sho'3ol!!

4- 3al war2 '3air!! :P

5- betkon kter mesta3jel w met2amel ino 7ada ykon 7afzo.. aw bs nia6a!!

its Lolo :D

zuzikabdo said...

the phone extension happens all the time ).. eaven that i know .. i ask .. its like when somebody come .. someone must say : ahh so u came ! )

hamede said...

What is a “free” gift? Aren’t all gifts free?

Rula A. said...

Apparently in your office people have issues with e-mails and paper printings :)
So far there are no COOs in the company I work for and I really hope things will stay that way :)

Zeina said...

Well you need to have colleagues in the office to have observations like these :(

sfo said...

مش هاي إللي بسمّوها الأسئلة الهبلة
يعني مثلاً لما تكون داخل على مكان ما
وأواعيك منقوعين مي بقوم واحد بسألك:
الدنيا بتشتي؟؟؟؟
أو لما تصحى من النوم:
إنتَ صحيت؟؟؟؟
وأحلى شي لما حد يسألك:
إنتَ نايم ؟!؟!؟!؟!؟!؟!؟

وهلم جرا
يا هل ترا

SimSim said...

because stupid is as stupid does...

loool I just love Forrest Gump

elmohem ! balashnaa neshkee men elsho'3ol ?!! w ba3deen lessa hada wala eshee lessa jayeek '3aba2 aktar bas bte3raf ma tsamehaa '3aba2 yemken this way people communicate more :p

kinzi said...

Heh-heh. Cute.

Yazid said...

hi kefak 3meltellak comment 3al wall ta3ak bel facebook shoofo hehehehe

NasEr said...

Farah Batarneh
ok ok mesh stupidity ,nahfat :D

and u waste the only comment u leave on here to tell me that ?

anonymous lolo
aywa barrereelhom inte :D kont 3aref innek 3amleh haik anywya lol

walla?u know but yet u ask ? did you just say that? haha

come to think of it,no they'ren ot, sometime u have to pay tax on them,like if u won the lottery ..

do you work by urself ?:p

eh w malo '3aleb ya3ne?bekaffeesh ? :DDDD

ya3ne ah taqreban nafs el naw3eyyeh

fancy seein u here,hello.


Rula A. said...

You can say that I do :) w kteeer arya7 la rasi xD

Anonymous said...

hi its lolo again! zakratne el comment tb3et simsim ino lessa ra7 tshof ashia2 a`3ba! kan my director lama ykon masalan 7ada men el team m3a6el w bekon lesa m5abro on the phone, fa beji after 5 min w bs2alna wain flaan?!! ballah m3a6el?! laish?! men kol 3a2lo!! w many things like that!!

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