Jan 1, 2010

new year's at 1st cirlce ...who knew ?!!!

Walla w 3amman 3mlat new year's eve in a public place and IT WAS GREAT!!! no fights, no harassing no shit, I will be there next year for sure,and it'll be better ! I'm really -happily- surprised !! we did it,yes we did! it was good enough for a 1st time, festive and everybody dancing or singing or singing or clapping, I ran across couple of friends too who I didn't expect to see there, few bloggers as well; Roba and Yameen-Shaml's Shadi, Aramram web-tv ppl who also fall in the friends category, elmohem, to all doubters -including me- ,Amman did it!

PS: If I talked to you and I was a little off I'm sorry that was alcohol effect, going 100% sober next year promise,and sorry again.

here are some pictures I managed to take with my cell phone

Happy New year Everyone, quit the whining and do something ah? 



Zeina said...

Hahaha that's great man :D
Good you enjoyed it!
Happy new year :)

Rula A. said...

Walla 7abeeet il fikra.. lateeefe.. Khalas inshalla next year I'll try to be there too :)
Happy New Year :)

Shmal said...

Haha! Now I understand the weird salam :P. It was awesome last night man, aham ishi ma kan fi 6owash :D!

Roba said...

Nice to meet you :) It was funny yesterday, I think every single one my friends there was drunk.

NasEr said...

Happy new year to you tooo :)

maybe we can get everyone to go ,will be nice
happy new year :)

come on didn't u guess I was a lil off? fe 7ada besallem haik?LOL
was good seeing u there.

pleasure is mine wallah,yup it was hilarious ,and that's a bit comforting what u said abt ur friends,lol i was starting to feel bad about it but nahhh :p

zuhair said...

it seems it was cool ..
so man if u dont mind asking .. meen elamameer eli janbak ?

Rula A. said...

Yes that would be great.. Insha2alla :)

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