Jan 9, 2010

a nut case,not really..

The man just sold peanuts downtown, that's all he did, but he did it for years that he became a part of Amman's collective memory, yesterday he died, and the reactions and comments (in hundreds) on his death on different websites are telling!
You don't really need to pretend, or try too much, or force it on people to be loved, appreciated and embraced!
If you're that man, you'll be treated as such, if you're not, then nothing can buy you that.
I also believe this is a rare beautiful showcase of us not being racists, because we do look down at people with darker skin, we do look down at Asians and foreign workers, this time for a change we're not, and that's the one good thing that might come out of this I believe.
R.I.P Abu Ahmad, you'll be missed.

Jordan Times article (English)
Ammoun news article (arabic)


Rula A. said...

الله يرحمو.. أنا ما شفتو من قبل أو هوه بالأحرى أنا ما وصلت البلد من قبل غير يا دوب مرتين وكنت أبقى مع نورا.. يا الله شو بحب هدول الناس الطيبين والبسطاء.. بتلاقيهم محبوبين من إلي حواليهم والناس بتذكرهم بكل خير..

Dee said...

may he rest in peace inshala, but the fact remains that we do look down on people of darker color, and i have no idea why this case was any different, maybe cause he's been there for a long long time and has gone by many generations of people walking the streets of il balad(?), but then again like anything that starts going around fast in this country, we all pretend to know everything and care about everything. (ie. il 7areeri and reading incident)

Farah Batarneh said...

Oops :S
May him RIP ..
i never saw him .. but i can feel how lovely he was while doing this simple job .. :)

NasEr said...


yea I agree its weird, and it falls into that category of ppl ben3ejgo over something n then 4get about it,that's just normal i think,but the thing is in this case,there's no need for anyone to pretend to have liked the guy,or to pretend he's sad that he's left u know, i can't get my head around the why yet!maybe its what u suggested!

Farah B
go downtown ya 3ammi its a nice place :), look up my post "amman downtown underground tour" for a detailed map :d

Zeina said...

We strive each day to live, to love and be loved, to finish our chores, to be accepted, to belong, to get the attention of that boy/girl, to survive each day... but what matters at the end of the day sums up to two things, how do we feel about ourselves and how the others feel about us.
It's not really about being nice, it's about being a human.
Be a human on purpose; to leave a good memory!
With the slightest effort a person can affect another deeply, but we need to open up for others!
Walk down a busy street and take a second to look at the people passing by, look at their eyes, read their lives in that fraction of a second and you'll know that we are all the same!
To look down at others only means that others look down to you!

NasEr said...

well said! as usual, your passing isn't like any other ;)

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