Jan 11, 2010

Social networking while -supposedly- socially socializing (like for fucking real)

I've been seeing this in so many places in Amman, all areas, all kinds of people, a group of "friends" hanging out at some cafe or pub or wherever, couple of them if not all have their laptops on, and of course these days in Amman your ass is WiFi-ed covered everywhere except for Soog el 7arameyyeh and Wadi el 7addadeh maybe, so these ppl with laptops are always playing some game on facebook, zynga poker or that farmvil thing, and it really pisses me off and irritates me !!!

Aren't people supposed to actually communicate and have fun together, in person? and if that wasn't possible then there's the cyber world and networking website such as facebook to help bridge the gap? so how do you explain someone preferring to play cards with a machine rather than playing cards with his other friends sitting with him at the same place? and people can't come up with things to discuss and talk about that they'd be browsing the internet instead of having a real conversations ? that is fucked up!


Mala2e6 said...

they do discuss things,they discuss games on Fb,friends,latest gossip which also took place on FB.I imagine if wi-fi was out for a day Amman will be silent.

i am not judging anyone coz i am not better,but i never take my laptop with me if i am going out..so i think i am still a valid human being

i will tell you something funny..sometimes we are sitting in the same room(family) and we use MSN or skype to talk to each other..

no way out..

Rula A. said...

Yes I do see that a lot..I guess they either are facebook-addict,, or there is a bit on reaching some certain score before the other friends do.. Or they are hanging out with this friend khawa..Mafeesh i7timaal rabe3 :)

Zeina said...

You have to have a laptop (agwa no3 :P) and show it, preferably a Mac book.
If you have an i-phone we might let u get with it.
You should have the gears and gadgets so you would belong to our-oh-so-glamorous-society!
Congratulations! Your application has been approved :)
You are now officially a member of the high class airheads :)

NasEr said...

"I Imagine if wifi was out for a day Amman will be silent", this sound like a quote that'll live forever :D
I don't get the MSN-ing with the family though...u're the 1st to tell me that!
welcome to smokes blow.

I think mesh inno 5awa,bas inno there's no one else maybe to go out with

lol @ high class airheads :D
laptops are becoming more n more like cell phones here btw,I don't see anyone without a laptop after 3 years!

Rula A. said...

Mumken bardo i3imadan 3ala mabda2;
wala ilga3de..
I hate Laptops so I'll remind you after 3 years ino I still hate them and won't get one :)

Yazid said...

http://osamahajjaj.com/index.php?option=com_projectslist&view=project&projectid=570 check this out :P

NasEr said...

i think ino men mabda2 wala el ga3deh,zay tal3et el yaom masalan :ppp

tawarod afkar tawarod afkar... bas momken n7amlo jmeeleh bardo mesh '3alat :D

Rula A. said...

Naser!!! 7araam 3aleeeek Never Say That We had so much fun :) Po po po pokerface xD

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