Sep 20, 2009

The Most Boring Day of the year has just started ! :/

Ever I was a little kid ... no actually when  I was a little kid there was something to look forward to Eid morning ; wearing the new Eid clothes and taking my Eideyyeh (Eideyyeh is children's tax on their parents for being their children on that day ! not even an American Veto will save the father's ass from paying it that day !) , starting over :
Ever since I was a little grown up kid ,stopped getting new clothes for Eid and waiting for my Eideyyeh while I'm an inch taller than my dad felt wrong ,I realized how boring the 1st day of Eid is at our house and how it'll never change ! so we don't have a big extended family here in Jordan ,making Ma3moul isn't one of our Eid traditions (for various reasons) , watching Syria TV channel going around the parks asking kids (shoo..sho bte3mel 7abeebee?? - answer : بتزحلط عالزحليطة ) had lost its element of surprise , just like Kuwait TV; you really don't laugh as much at  بُست يد يـدّتي و اكلنا الديايةlater as much as you do the 1st time you hear that ! so no body comes ,no body goes, and every other single person I've known however unsocial he is must be not available and busy at this day ! even Salam my best friend who lived across of our house when we were younger ,he'd sell me for all the Eideyyat from his family,shame on you Salam! Speaking of Salam and Eideyyat ... some people made fortune out of those :D I never did ,20 JD max I recall this is the highest Eideyyat grand total I ever collected ! 19.50 would naturally go on guns and Futtaish (these are the little bombs they sell for kids to train them and put them mentally in a state of mind of loving bombing, its such a thrill *drools* ).

And so ,1st day of Eid turned into my all-day-in-pajamas official day of the year ,my phone doesn't ring much too ,for one,who has the time to call me ?! and two ,telecommunication companies celebrates Eid in Jordan by going down all at once ! total seclusion !

The one Eid I really enjoyed and was out of this world in my soon2B quarter of a century of life on this Earth was two years ago when I got to spend it in Palestine ! waking up early in the morning ,slaughtering,I mean sacrificing the sheep (it was Ad-ha Eid), 45 999 little cousins invading the area like ants in the 1970's movie "ants" ,going around aunts ,father's aunts,grandma's sister...etc houses in the town ,having a little coffee and giving an Eideyyeh myself to each one of them and all that ,that was fun !

oh and I also conducted a facebook study ... look at that ! zero comments or replies or unlikes ! not even facebook made my day a lil more exciting this day !

And Happy Eid to all , wish your's is much more exciting than mine :D


Ashwaq said...

hmm I must admit that your post is kinda realistic !! I dont know the reason behind our boredom on the 1st day of Eid !! are we too lazy to enjoy it ?

anyways Happy Eid

jafra said...

1st day of Eid means nothing for us its for kids as my mother said
for us
just making tea or coofffffeeee
and ma3moul :(

mmmmmmm Happy Eid

mab3oos said...

we still love you Naser!

Like Jafra said, 1st day of Eid is for kids. not even close friends have the time to hang out due to their families' Eid rituals.

At your age, Eid doesn't mean a lot. Once you have a family of your own, you and the family will start developing your own rituals and then, my friends, is the chance to change things and make Eid a festive and eventful day for you and your spouse, the kids, and mab3oos, who will still be in exile!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

see thats the advantage of living alone for 12 years, u have no family obligations and feel nothing but a good long sleep on eid holidays.

happy eid naser :))

NasEr said...

Ashwaq maybe you're ?:D . Jafra made sense though ,Eid is for kids .

Jafra why are u upset about making ma3moul ha ? that's a privilege u know !

Mab3oos LOL,thanks for the laughs :DDD *applauds the speech*

Dima I doubt you really mean that,but happy eid to you too :D

kinzi said...

NasEr, sama7ni, 3anjad zamaan ma zurt blogak. :( I need to just click your comments, esp since you have been such a faithful commenter to mine lately!

I did intend too, but with kids home begging for laptop turns, I am easily distracted.

That was a sad post, like being alone for Christmas would be for me. I was thinking even BIG sons can milk their uncles and aunts for cash. :) you should see all the people coming to our door asking for cash, and we don't even KNOW them! ;)

So now you can go visit your friends, yea?

Anonymous said...

Come on Naser, spread some cheers, I thought you were still a kid at heart..;)

To me eid, is the memories of past a3yad and when I am with my family.

So, happy eid to you w yen3ad 3leik bel so77a wel salameh :)

NasEr said...

Kinzi nahhh don't apologize you don't need to ,"betmooni inte" :D
but just get the kids a laptop themselves eh :D ,its not really sad though we're used to it ,plus (tryin to find the bright side here :D) everyone complains about the hassle of Eid so its cool.
I rarely give beggars ,they really really regret asking me ,especially when they're men or kids .

Noura I am I am *goofy face* lol, wallah mnee7 elle eja el 3eed tzooreena hoon :DDD . hope u reunite soon w tezha2i el 3eed w 3aj2eto all over again ,5alleena nshoofek ah ? to'3toseesh :)

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