Sep 6, 2009

Sharing is caring,few blogger tricks and widgets

I've been adding some stuff to my blog page and found some of them to be "good" ,I thought I'd share them

-> The live traffic feed
->The "Recent comments" widget
-> Make links open in a new window ( whether in posts only or anywhere in the blog)
-> Bookmarking : share this on facebook,twitter ,and many other places (*) -like the ones I have here- ... ( explained in there what to delete in order to get "just" this button or that, its also common sense you can figure it out yourself ) .
and there is this other one i found that looks like this if you wish  you can find the code and installation here ( note : if you followed the instruction to where to place the code as in the link it'll come up at the top of your post , if you wish to have it at the bottom,just copy the code from that page and place it where it tells you to place it in the 1st link (*) ).
-> Picture tags ,geeky stuff I learned from a friend ,when you upload a picture in your post, go to the "Edit HTML" in the composer and find this part "img alt=" (you can click alt+f to search the code)and write some tags for the picture between the " " cuz it will be empty otherwise (this is good for search engines if you really care) .

And just a general tip,lol,when you link something like "your youtube channel) like on the top of your blog, link it to the actual youtube channel of your's that you use and upload videos to , double check everything ...even if two years later ! :D
That's pretty much about it ! you're welcome . If you got something cool,share it .


h3rm1ny3w said...

thanks for sharing !

Rula A. said...

Interesting :) Thank you for posting it.

Rula A. said...
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Rula A. said...
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NasEr said...

h3rm1ny3w you're welcome, thx for stopping by.

Rula you're welcome dear

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