Sep 15, 2009

Once in a lifetime "coincidence" ?

Its a known fact about me that I hate the 7th of each month ,not that I believe in jinxed numbers , horoscopes or any of that nonsense , but the 7th of each month is when the electricity bills are delivered in Jordan ,and I have had a not so pretty history with those, I'm an expert on scheduling your payments, what to pay now,what to pay next month, how long you can keep delaying one particular bill ,what to tell the guy who comes to cut the power off ,etc... ,even when I was in Thailand the bill-ghost haunted me on the 7th of every month lol, anyway , I've been calling the Jordan Electricity Company for the past month complaining that I'm still getting a notification for paying a previous bill that I'm sure I've paid and have the receipt for it ! So after a long hassle with them ,long agonizing holding on phone and call diverts I got my answer , apparently ,or supposedly I believe we used the same amount of electricity in two different months (June and August !) ,so the bill I'm complaining about isn't really the one I paid,its one I haven't payed yet of another month (Aug) with the same exact identical value ! I'm talking three decimal figures here ! what are the odds ?!!!

We're either so dull and people of habit that we'd use the same amount of electricity in two different months ,or so cheap we count it by the minute :D ! Or ... something wrong with the Electricity company ! did that ever happen to you ?


Complicated said...

I have experience with that too; when people come round to cut off the electricity because of an overdue bill. I cannot believe how little the government makes of the "jodanian" citizen or how efficient they are when collecting "their" money!! These "bills" sorta haunt me too, luckily tho the haunting is limited to Jordan!

NasEr said...

Complicated humm....its not the government this time :) Electricity company is sold to private sector, so is the water company .

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