Sep 18, 2009

Mourning In Bulk

I mean...what the fuck ! Nations mourn and remember their victims of a tragic day,sometimes an hour, maybe at time of the precise moment moment that tragic occurred , thinking of Palestinian tragedies ,like Sabra and Shatila Massacre which happened between the 16th and the 18th of Sep 1982 I noticed that most of our most tragic and terrorizing events are often expanded to days,if not 10s of days like the recent Gaza crimes or even worse or years ,like the occupation of Palestine and the establishment of the racist terror state of Israel ! What the fuck ! People usually remember a date ! We don't ! We remember whole periods where brutality and inhumanity took place long enough under the watching eyes of every nation on Earth ! What the fuck ! And you wonder why Arabs or let me speak of myself here, why don't I cry my eyes dry for whatever happens in the world ????? Cuz I've seen much worse, and I've suffered and still much more and more often ! 3500 UNARMED CIVILIANS where SLAUGHTERED, literally slaughtered in those two days,whole families ,elderly ,women,children ,young men and women bodies where piled and stacked in the narrow alleys of Sabra and Shatila camps by the Phalangists (Lebanese Forces Christian militia group ) with all the logistics provided by the Israeli Defense Forces ,hell they even turned the two nights into flashing bombs festival for the murderers so they can keep up the good clinsing work 24 hrs a day .Unlike the Holocost ; No apologies were issued, No memorials were built for when the great leaders of the free world come to the region to pay their respects , and there will never be ,because the world takes Israel's side time after time after time . 

I'm not trying to make little of any person's personal tragedy here ,but when you lose your father,or your brother,or your sister,or your husband,or wife,or kid(s),or all together , you really just get merely numb hearing that someone's pet just died .

Sorry to disturb your sight with this real image ,its not the worst believe me .

and hey ,If you haven't watched this one Israeli Movie,Waltz With Bashir ,remember to get it next time you head to the DVD place .


San Antonio Cicily said...

I don't know what the answer is to the worlds problems but I do know that every life is precious whether you are christian jewish muslim! Those people deserve to be remembered as much as anyone else! This is a two way street Israelis can be very brutal at times! My dream is that everyone can live in peace but I seriousy don't see that ever happening!

NasEr said...

San Antonio Cicily I agree with u completely except for the part were Israel (as a state) haven't been very brutal at all,tried to dig deep in my head but couldn't find it .
thanks for stopping by.

Jeremias Soler said...

Violence is a reality that we have inherited from our animal ancestors. It, sadly, continues being into us, and that's a shame. I hope that someday the human kind evolved to destroy violence.

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