Sep 23, 2009

Watching Gaddafi speak...

Watching Gaddafi speak at the general assembly today,or anywhere at anytime for that matter is like watching your favorite cartoon character as a kid telling you that smoking hurts and eating an apple is much better ,but then he spells milk on himself and you can't take him seriously anymore and you wait no more for meaningful remarks from him but goofy gestures instead !

He may have some valid point ! but who'd take you for real tossing your book around and waiting for an answer for your question as if you were in a classroom ?

I'm really gonna miss this man when he's gone ! he's such a character !

cute ! Isn't he ?


Rula A. said...

Howe ana mish kteer bafham bihal2 omoor bas akeed kul wa7ad w ilo ra2yo w wijhet nazaro.. ana baseq feek fa I'll go with you that he is a good guy..
PS. 2aa cute min il akher :P

NasEr said...

Rula I recommend finding It online and watching the speech,consider it a movie ,
ps: he'll be on Larry King Live tomorrow (Tuesday),find CNN International on your sat and watch it

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