Nov 13, 2009

2012 , The trailer is more than enough

If you're going to the 11:15 PM show and you were a little late, don't worry, you didn't miss a thing ,if you were 15 minutes late, don't worry, still you didn't miss a thing ,let me make it shorter for you, up until the intermission time one hour in you still didn't miss a thing, seriously, they could have just cut half of the cost by releasing only half of this epic…failure !
So there is a lot of destruction scenes , 70% of which you've already seen in the trailer , I actually enjoyed the trailer more than the movie as a whole ! I'm not a graphic expert but I thought I'm gonna be blown away with the visuals from what I heard ,why didn't I ?

Content wise, it’s the kind of lame storyline you expect to see in such movies, so let me highlight couple of  points that caught my eye :

- Arabs are still portrayed as desert people ,I mean a Khaleeji Sheikh won't receive you at his residence sitting on some kind of a fancy bean bag ! I promise ,these people are so rich they probably have the latest designer furniture ,enough with that image its not funny anymore ! I am also sure they can tell the difference between these two signs ($,€) !

- I couldn't help but noticing the amount of African American heroes in this movie , in all movies and series actually, I don't know is it just me or am I paying more attention to that since Obama ? Speaking of which , Mr Nice President as portrayed in the (character wise) wouldn't stand a chance against Hillary Clinton or McCain for that matter ,a little bit too sugary don't you think ?

- Human and social justice eventually prevailed (on the hands of another African American hero) by allowing couple of laborers and hundreds of billionaires to come on board and be rescued after each bought his one billion Euro ticket and was given the secret location ,but then denied getting on board … awww…those -poor- people ,my heart ached over the idea of letting them drawn too !

I am not a big sci fi fan really, sleeping during watching Transformers I at the theater supports this theory , the real highlight of this movie to me was after the intermission ,where I found a long time friend outside, chatted for a bit and when we were seated again I –and him- realized that we were sitting next to each other the whole time ,but I didn't notice cuz I was making fun of nearly every scene talking to my other friend on my left side !

Anyway ,If you want to go see it, or any other movie at any given day ,I have a general advice, go to the midnight shows ,so if the movie sucked you still get the next best thing ,the post-midnight drive home in sweet ,beautiful and quite Amman ,drive slowly and tune in to some nice radio ,that'll make up to anything else ,always does.


Abdelfattah said...

Thanks for the advice
I was just few steps from watching it in the theaters!

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Man it's good you posted about it, guess now i won't be going to cinema to see it in monday

zuzikabdo said...

i saw the movie, and it was realy very premitive on terms of senario, characters. events, i hate when the whole world is being blown away and the ppl still like okay .. mm will see.. shall we get scared now or later, it was stupid one.. and othr thing .. after afew minutes of the womans husband horrible death .. she kissed her ex husband .. !!!! any way it could be a much better movie.. but the worest thing ever was the ppl on the cinema .. they were clapping ther hands every 10min !!!

Ashwaq said...

MAN !! wallah I was really looking forward this movie :( !

The trailer is totally breath-taking,7atta I planned to go to the cinema and watch it !! ouffff too lame !! bs still I am so determined to watch it LoL !

NasEr said...

you all welcome ,
nevertheless, that was my opinion ,which is usually strong about films and such ,don't want any of you cursing me watching it on their laptop LOL

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