Nov 3, 2009

Where I Have Been

In the spirit of my new "job" ! I've been ,,,

Buried under work having a lot of fun !

I miss doing this actually ! hope you're all doing fine ! I have to thank whoever posted the "don't dos at 1st day at work" some time ago ; Twittering and updating facebook (even though its not accessible except from your phone via  some random WLAN around)  was tempting ! and I'm not blogging anything about work either . oh but my cell phone's alarm tone (nostalgia !) Isn't getting to me anymore , I need to get myself one of those annoying 1/2 JD alarms ,the kind we used to bring to school to mess with teachers . BRB :p


Whisper said...

Finally a job
beddy el7alawan :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Naser! So will you not be annoying us as much since you have a job now?

LioneSS said...

Mabroook ^_^

your dail posts will be missed now :D

teshof 3aleh el 5air :)

zuzikabdo said...

the drwaing is awsome .. congratz.
hala2 lazem etrakez 3ala elselam alwazefi :)
and my advice to you .. the job is only a passing stage .. tell starting a business, wallaho al mowafek

kinzi said...

Congrats, NasEr! :)

Anonymous said...

alf mabrook Naser..I hope it is what you were looking for. Make the best of it and have fun and don't let it take you away too much from your blog :)

NasEr said...

thanksssssssss ,7ader benshoflek 7alawan monaseb :)

yea as if u really hate it :p
thx ;)

thanks ,I will miss my daily post and reading other blogs as well ,I miss that already !! thx again

the execution of the drawing ? bas balaaaash lol
I'm focusing on giving my all and enjoying myself,good things will come naturally :)

thankssss , I have a colleague who is a blond American,1st thought was "could this be Kinzi!" lol .but nah its not u :p

I actually never knew this kind of job existed ,or never thought we have it here,it actually found me,and my blog has the MAIN role of me getting nominated for that position and getting the job,so hell no I won't be stolen from my precious blog.I'll blog about this sometime :)))

Moey said...

tip: get a blackberry, a phone where everything is legal

Moey said...

tip: get a blackberry, a phone where everything is legal

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Jundi said...

tab ino whats the job???

NasEr said...

nahhh BB isn't for me :/ I don't see myself using one!I definitly don't have the time at work

Copywriter ( at the leading ad agency in Jordan ,they're lettin me be more involved in other than copywriting too,its fun .much more fun than logistics or anything I had in mind :d

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