Nov 15, 2009

3 memorable events of the past 4 days

1 - The 5th anniversary of Abu Ammar's departure (11/11)
2- The late King Hussien's birth date (14/11)
3- The fact that I didn't - personally - hear about either of the previous from anyone I've been around for the past couple of days ...because of a football match frenzy .

comes to my mind a part of Darwish's في مديح الظل العالي in this awfully refreshing reality ..with a little adjustment

يا خالقي في هذه الساعات من عدم... تجلّى
لعلّ لي رباً لأعبده...لعلّ 
علمتني الأسماء... لولا
هذه *الأمّة اللقيطة ما كانت **بيروت ثكلى

في القصيدة الأصلية "الدول" و ليس "الأمة"0*
 استبدل "بيروت" بأي مدينة عربية تراها مناسبة**


mais said...

wallah I've heard about king hussein birth ,, no one mention anything about abu ammar departure ! but BE SURE i've heard about the game bs abelhaa b yum wallah :P

امة لا نصر لها تبحث عن اي نصر تفرح به

Ashwaq said...

Yes ! I am shocked that I didnt hear about King Hussein Birth,but actually I read and watched a movie about abu ammar (is that weird?) is the media or us ??

fi3lan ni7na ummeh tajma3ona al tobol wa tofariqona al 3asa !!

Farah and Yazid said...

Good timing for the game ;)


Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

NasEr said...

Mais,Ashwaq,Yazid & Anon
thank you for stopping by,and sorry for the belated reply ! excuse moi :)

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