Nov 14, 2009

a77a! where the hell is the Middle East,Larry King ?!

Better late than never ,that's what I told myself when I noticed the missing Middle East watching the show today!
Why isn't the middle east on Larry King's background map of the world  ? Anybody knows ?


Whisper said...

OMG you want a light to come from middle east, that's mean there is houses, electricity, TV's and satellites O_O not tents and camels
and you want them to know that terrorist people are watching too.

after giving it another thought, no need any light to appear at the middle east, they may accuse us of butting bombs there

I laughed my heart at "a77a" LOOOL

Ahmad Hamdan said...

The middle east is lost on who will win the match and will be qualified to world cup

Rasha* said...

I second your A seven A :)

middle east are either getting beaten by the world or beating each other...and last night...we won the beating (aka football) match yet didn't qualify for the world cup just yet!! :S

NasEr said...

thanks for the deep analysis :DDD

Ahmad Hamdan
can't agree more ! mahzaleh

oh yea.mabrook :)

Ashwaq said...


ya khayyi no need for the middle east,we are third world countries. so Mr. King (implicitly CNN) decided to sent us on a permenant trip to an unknown newly discovered planet by Nasa !

Hana' said...

Well, it's complicated: )

zeina said...

You have an eye for details and I have to salute you for this! Devil is the details, but so is beauty :)

As for why the middle east is not on the map, well, that shocked me, though the reason is clear and well known I guess!

Rula A. said...

Naser sade2 ana 3umro makan ra7 yukhtor b baali to check on that :) ya akhi inta raheeeeeb xD
We are not on the background 'cuase apparently howe mish mi3tiref feena..

Master of Ceremony said...

Naser I tagged you. There now :/

NasEr said...

I think we did it for ourselves !

mesh fahem bas okay :D

yea I've always had an eye for details...which sometimes isn't that good cuz somethings are better unseen believe me :/ lol.
I don't think the reason is obvious and I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories and/or feeling victimized, I'd really like to hear their answer.

walla inte el raheebeh,miss ya :)

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