Nov 20, 2009

Sharq wins the pot with full-house

The best weekend I had in long time, I attended Sharq's Bayna-Bayn Album launching concert today, these guys... you never get bored listening to their songs, let alone watching them perform ! I don't know is it because I've been watching them progress since their 1st concert at Mohtaraf Remal 3 years ago, or is it because I memorized their songs by heart after listening to them countless times when I was in Thailand, or maybe because some of the band's members are long time friends, but I find them magical, unbelievable ,FREAKS (in a good sense), I mean,If you watch them live and you don't get goosebumps couple of times at least I'd like to think that you're physically incapable of feeling, even If you don't understand the language, anyway If you haven't heard of Sharq before, they're a bunch of insanely young talented musicians and artists, they're different, they're not mainstream shit, what I found particularly shocking at this last concert, is that -and maybe with their loyal audience only-, they managed to make us enjoy just listening to a whole piece of music without any lyrics, appreciate how wonderfully it was done, and applaud it for a good long while after its done, I was happy to see THE WHOLE fully seated two stories Hussien Cultural Centre enjoying every song/piece from start to end. It was just a great night !
Bayna-Bayn,their CD (produced by Eka3) is now out, I like the CD art,the Cover and inside design ,It fits the band well.
I've uploaded couple of Sharq's songs recorded from a live concert over a year ago, I'll copy two of my favs here to have a taste of Sharq,they do their original music and they do covers of Folkloric songs with rearrangement and intros of their own ,the CD has couple of more new tracks I don't have uploaded in this post,where I also posted couple of songs of another local band I love (but they don't exist anymore :/ )..

I'll actually post three, two original's and one cover (Yamo), check the rest in the older post if you wish.

Kamaqaber el shohada2 (lyrics by Mahmoud Darwish,Composed by Tareq AlJundi,Vocals by Lara Elayan) 

Yamo (lyrics by Duraid Laham,Vocals by Lara Elayan,Mohannad Atallah) 

Baina Bain (Composed by Tareq Al Jundi)

The band has expanded ever since these tracks were recorded, They now have Tareq Jundi (Oud),Ala'a Takrouri (Flute), Yarob Smirat (Violin) ,Khaled Bal'awi (Cello), Maen Elsayyed (Percussion), Nasser Salameh (Percussion), Lara Elayan (Vocals), Mohannad Atallah (Vocals), and the newest member introduced today plays the Qanoun!.
make sure to check their facebook page and befan them!


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Dee said...

That was one amazing night, at times it felt like we should clap for an hour just to show how amazing it was...and true if a person wouldnt get goosebumps about a million times then something would be wrong hehe...

Jundi said...

never heard of em .. but since there is a jundi in there they must be good :D

Zeina said...

Wow the vocals of the lady singing in Kamaqaber al shohada2 is mind blowing :/ Amazing!! And the Oud.. what shall I say?! I'm an Oud fanatic! Loved the post, Thanks for sharing this :)

Um Omar said...

جاي هون ت اتمنالك عطله سعيده
وأضحى مبارك
عساكم من عواده عمو

LioneSS said...

u have been tagged here

feel free to delete this comment :D

NasEr said...

It was indeed,thx for stopping by and welcome to smokes blow.

lol,they're good,do you know him by any chance ??

yah yah...sho hal 7amas had :)))
u welcome.I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Um Omar
thanks you thank you,kol 3am w inte b5air :))

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