Nov 9, 2009

10 reasons why I hate Twitter!

10) The name is just stupid? People don't "tweet" nor do birds Speak!

9) Keeping up with it feels like running a marathon ,you keep running but you're not quite there yet!...ever!

8) you can't really talk about it with anyone who is not on it!and the chances you come across a twitterje/yyeh among your friends,family or colleagues in Jordan are similar to the chances I had in Thailand in finding someone who knew "where Jordan is" without a reference to Israel,Dubai,Saudi,or Iraq! 

7) I don't understand what's up with the "#" thing ! I just act like I do ! and my ignorance is never my problem!

6) You have so many people following you who never really follow you,you have so many people you follow who you never follow ! Yup,as If your imaginary "friends" on facebook weren't enough!

5) It sounds funny in Arabic : تويـتَر! I can almost hear the Egyptian worker downtown shouting repeatedly to sell his tweets; تِويتَر ضِد الويتَر ! Don't ask me what that means ! I just keep hearing it whenever someone mention توييييتر!ahhhh shut up, voices in my head!!!

4) It is stealing bloggers away !!People are now tweeting what could've been a good blogpost! and if you are a blogger and your 1st reaction to this is "NO NO NO!EH" I'd like you to repeat the following loudly : hello,my name is (your name) and I'm a twittiholic! denial is the hardest to overcome, the rest will be a smooth sailing!get well soon ya'll!

3) I'll only get a handful of comments max on this post! cuz ppl have no idea what the hell I'm talking about :/ (see; The 1st Twittered Lecture @JU)!

2) writing this post was interrupted several times due to twittering that I'm blogging about why I hate twitter!!!!

1) given the previous points, I'm still on Twitter  and I love it :/ go figure !


Halawa said...

Classic XD.

Naser, you are paranoid *snorts*. However...

Number 8 - True true, in Jordan, I can't even START explaining what twitter is, but since most my followers are Emirati based (cuz that's where I joined) I'm all good. Plus, I needn't any stalkers here =p. Underground world ;)

7 - LOL, hashtags are for topics. Ya3ni example, @Halawa Is a procrastinator >> #fail.

6 - All the people who follow me are worthy of it *throws nose in the air*. No really, those who never come in contact or seem uninteresting, I remove them XD.

5 - Ya 7aram *shakes head*.

4 - True.. Hello, my name is 7ala (aka Velvet the Great) and I'm a twittiholic.

3- At least you'll be getting comments =p.

2 - Hahaha! @Halawa was the reason, ya3ni kan 3meltelna some publicity =/.

1 - Janus.

mais said...

I dont even know what it all about i have a profile i made it when facebook was not working and now many people follow me hadol ? allaho a3lam !

Qwaider قويدر said...

That's exactly why I'm working to bridge the gap between Blogging and Twittering. Check your Direct messages :)

NasEr said...

Janus ah ? allahomma inne sa2em :o

lol,i was feelin the same way,watch the introduction video they have on their u'll get it enough to start :)

will do.

zeina said...

no 7 is definitely my favorite :D
lool "I just act like I do ! and my ignorance is never my problem!"hehehe I do the same..
During my last internship I never said there is something I don't know :D then, secretly, I'd go ask my genie in the laptop, my dearest "Google" hehe
Oh and I still don't know how to deal with twitter :(
All my followers or the ppl I follow (except my sister) I met online! None I know in person :D
The ppl I know in person and my friends don't know about twitter nor do they use it :/

Farah Batarneh said...

:) i dont know i cannot agree all of it or disagree .. but its all a matter of point of view ..
i just loved passing by ur blog :)


NasEr said...

LOL wallah i thought u knew ur way around twitter and u just don't like to be there much :D

Farah Batarneh
thanks for the compliment and welcome to smokes blow

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