Nov 27, 2009

What's with the fitting rooms without locks :/ ?

Is this the new cool thing ? changing at some shops in Amman you're gonna need a friend to "look out" for you.. really ? I never thought in a million years that I'll have flashbacks from going to the bathroom in my public school as a kid when I got into that fitting room at that fancy store ,LOL, I mean I've been to other fitting rooms with no locks but it was because the store didn't really have a fitting room,it was some kind of on-the-spot arrangement, but those were official fitting rooms :D ! oh and they have a note that I believe missing a line at the end .... this is the note

and this is the missing sentence "especially of your privacy/ وبالتحديد خصوصيتكم" ! at the end !!
I wonder if the girls fitting rooms are the same way ! are they ?

Anyway, Happy Eid and holidays to all,I'm really sorry for the belated replies on previous posts,I still didn't get a much needed balance with the new "job" and all,the other day I noticed I haven't read in any book for over 2 weeks!

Have a blast everybody ! take it easy on Ma'moul and coffee


Rula A. said...

LoL ya 7araaam.. jad the worst flashback..I've been there too..since I wnet to a public school :)

Some stores -fancy ones- bardo don't have locks for the fitting-rooms..aslna in the most of them it is only a curtain not a real-wooded-door.. I really don't want to think of the reason behind that..

Kul sane winta wil ahel saalmeeen ya rab.. No worries aslan ana I don't like ma3mool neither coffee :)

Master of Ceremony said...

You're supposed to feel lucky that you weren't put in a situation where you have to change behind a curtain, then you would need two people with you. One for each side of the curtain.
Happy Eid for you and you family Naser: )

Yazid said...

hahahha zakkarti be abo hurayra
"ballahi to7rosli" hehehehhehehehehheh

NasEr said...

Rula and Hana' shajja3toone atnakkar benet and go creep around girls fitting rooms thanks for the idea :p
seriously tho,curtains !! ya 7abeebe i shouldn't be complaining then! unbelievable !

Yazid lol,.that's exactly what I'm talkin about :D

Dr.Mohammed said... right! we hear a lot of terrible stories about fitting rooms!! at least for me i care no more!! a hell with you who look at me while changing my cloth!! i care no more!!look as much as you like !! damn!! ;)

zuzikabdo said...

will yes i agree with doctor mohammed.. also if ther is no girls at the shop then i wouldnt need a changing room ))

NasEr said...

Dr Mohammed
lol,shaklo mgabb3a ma3ak :d welcome to smokes blow

read that again,see if it sounds...funny ? :D sho hal en7eraf had :D

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