Aug 23, 2008

Honoring my father II

following Tawjeehi ,my dad as many Palestinian youngsters involved into resistance movements , long story short, he flee for dear life to Jordan ,and was not allowed to ever go back ,with a literary Tawjihi certificate and 5 JD he started his life in Jordan,he worked in The Intercontinental hotel dry clean service at 1st ,when they interviewed him,he made up all stories about his experience in hotels ! he eventually got the job ,phase I : survive ,accomplished . he was not 18 years at the time . then he saw an vacancy ad in the newspaper for a teller position in Cairo Amman Bank ! - can you imagine :d bank jobs where in the newspapers back then - ,they interviewed him,gave him a math exam ,and of course,he got the job ,he was hell of a speaker ,interviews were never hard for him. and so he worked in the bank,listed himself in the the General Union of the employees in Banks,Insurance & Auditing in Jordan ,and of course the communist party ! until this day,he is the youngest to be registered in the union at age 18 .he believed in the role of labor and community institutions as a key player in developing out country .
The man ranked higher in his work ,the bank,the union,and the party,he also served as a volunteer in the Jordanian civil guard as an ambulance driver ! he just loved helping out whatever way possible .i remember going with him once to the civil station ,and i asked him on the way back home,i was 5 or 6, i asked him,"so why are you in the army of Jordan not the Palestinian one" he said : "son,Jordan is our country as much as Palestine is,if you love Palestine you must love Jordan,don't you love Hallool -thats my sister- ?" i said yes i do !he said ,Jordan and Palestine are like you an Hallool . thats the kind of man he was !! I'm really really appreciative of being his son .
he eventually ended up the manager of one of the banks branches for 5 years,and the chairman of the union for two years ,before he quit to start a small free business here in Thailand "for us" ! I know that its normal for a son to be impressed with his father,but thinking about it,coming from no where,to be a bank manager,the head of a labors union ! I only wish to leave such legacy that makes my beloved ones proud of me as he did !
He taught me to be brave,respect people,especially my mom and sister,women in general ,people of other religions and ethnics !he never tried to push us to believe in what he believed ,on the contrary ,in Ramadan ,he would wake up at 3 am to make us S7oor ! there was a phase in my life when i was about 12 years old,where i committed to praying the 5 prayers at the mosque,all 5 of them, you'd think an atheist communist father would forbid such thing !? he used to drop me off at Fajer prayer,wait for me outside,and bring me back home ! when i used to memorize Quraan for school contests,he would set there and make sure that I'm well prepared ,of course i never thought about these things while i was young,because it was taken for granted,but when you grow up and see what kind of close minded oppressing world we live in,you start to appreciate such acts ! thats my father !
I didn't see him for the past 5 years ! unfortunately ,he didn't see me growing up to be a man,but,thx to the internet and phone calls !he got it,and if there is something thats giving me strength when thinking of his tragic departure,alone and far away,is his words,that he is proud of me ,and that I'm the man he always wanted me to be,independent, smart,and respectful ! I'm lucky people !if your parents still alive ,go talk to them,tell them that you love them ! thank them for a lot of things !i did !and his words are engraved in my head forever !no one or anything can change them now! trust me,once they're gone ,you're gonna remember every big and small conversation ,and you're going to regret much of what you never told them.
I have wrote a short story a while ago,I'll post it as the final segment of this series of posts.

DAD,i know you're there somewhere looking at me,probably smiling and your eyes are watering ,i know you;re happy for me ,I'm happy yea :) you're great !!i love you!!!!thank you.


lost within said...

Will be back for the last part =)

ThE MasTEr said...

A great man...may his soul R.I.P =)

hamede said...

Good man , ra7mat akah 3alih.

NasEr said...

lost within, the master, hamede, thank you :)

Noor said...
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Noor said...


this z like the third time i stop by at ur blog just to read it....gaze... n' start to write a comment then i figure out enno am out of words!! i was so touched!! the way u wrote about him was so full of love n' respect...he definitely knows now how proud r u of him...may his soul R.I.P though am sure he z for having a son like u

n' i can tell now how well u resemble ur father... keep it up for ur upcoming proud son :)

NasEr said...

thx dear Noor :)
u r the best thank you :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh Naser thats sooo sweet!! <3 Ya!!

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